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Want Silky Skin? Achieve Lasting Results With Laser Hair Removal

No matter what your lifestyle is like, chances are you’re not completely satisfied with your current skincare routine or its results.  Girl, we feel you, and we’re here to help.  Everybody wants to experience a life blessed with glowing, healthy skin with no blemishes, scars, or acne.

And while that’s the ultimate beauty goal, chances are that if you’ve spent any time researching the perfect skincare routine on your own, you’ve come away frustrated and exhausted by the sheer amount that you have to understand to feel confident in the products you’re using.

Almost nobody has the time to cultivate a skincare routine that’s absolutely perfect, and anyone who claims that they do either does it for a living or is just a really good liar.  Here at KENZZI, we’re passionate about letting you take control of your skincare routine to give your skin its best shot at being happy, healthy, and beautiful without the need to rely on beauticians and dermatologists.

In this article, we’re going to explore the absolute best ways for you to achieve a silky skin look that you can be proud of and feel confident in without completely giving up on your lifestyle or breaking the bank.  Let’s go!

What Is “Silky” Skin, Anyway?

Everybody remembers the first time they held a baby and how magical that moment was.  Babies are so cute, so precious, and so, SO unbelievably soft.  Imagine a world where you could get back to that level of healthy skin without a care in the world!

If you had to pick a time in your life that defined exactly what your perfect skin feel would be, you’d probably use the phrase “smooth as a baby’s bottom” because that’s exactly the silky feel you want!  You want skin that feels soft to the touch, light on your fingers, and smooth like a blanket or sheer fabric.  Ladies, if that isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is.  

Quick disclaimer: your relationship with your skin is probably going to take a lot of work, just like any other relationship in your life.  You’re going to have to learn to listen to what your skin needs and adapt your skincare routine accordingly, so don’t panic if the first few things you try in order to achieve silky skin in the long term don’t work exactly how you wanted them to.  Pay close attention to what products and methods work so that you don’t end up making a decision that hurts you in the long run.

The Enemy Of Silky Skin: Dehydrated, Dry Skin

If you’re embarking on a journey towards silk skin, the last thing you want to happen to you is to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and realize that your skin is dry, flakey, and falling off your face in little white flecks.  Not only is that annoying to deal with, but it’s also probably a sign that your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be, and it’s definitely not silky smooth!  

This is the first step in your skin’s conversation with you, so you better listen!  If your skin is telling you it’s dehydrated, it’s going to begin to flake, peel, feel rough to the touch, or start feeling tight (similar to how you feel after a really bad sunburn).  

The most common causes of dry skin are easy to combat because they’re either a result of the products you use or the amount of water you’re drinking every day.  

  • In order to combat dry skin, you’ll have to follow some simple steps, the first of which is to simply add more water to your daily routine.  You’ve probably gotten tired of people telling you to drink more water, from your teachers in elementary school to your college sports coaches and everyone in between, but they were really onto something!  Being hydrated not only tackles the root issue of dry skin, but it also has SO many health benefits, such as boosting your digestive health, generating new hair growth, and giving your skin that glow you want so badly.
  • The next step is to incorporate a moisturizer into your daily skincare routine.  Common moisturizers work to trap moisture in the skin instead of releasing it out into the air.  Make sure that you avoid moisturizers that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol-based ingredients that will actually do more harm to your skin than good.
  • If none of these work, try changing your hygiene routine.  Like I said a second ago, the products you use can be causing dry skin, and harsh body washes or cleansers can actually strip your skin of its natural moisture, further drying out your skin and causing it to lose the silky smoothness you’re chasing after!

The Bane Of Our Existence: Acne

If we had to make a list of the things we would eradicate from the face of this earth, we would start with the obvious things like world hunger, cancer, war, and the rest, but we’ll be honest… acne would be pretty high on the list of demands for cosmic removal.

Picture a scenario where you’ve met a really cute guy, and you’re looking forward to a date night.  A few days pass, and the day of your first date dawns...and you have a brand new friend that’s introduced itself right on the bridge of your nose or right between your eyebrows.  Honestly, nothing could be worse.  Here are some easy ways to prevent this from happening and to tackle the occasional acne flareup.

  1. Acne is basically hair follicles or pores on your face or body that become clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, or oil on your face.  To combat this, make sure that you’re cleansing your pores properly!
  2. Exfoliate regularly in an attempt to clear away any dead skin cells that you’ve removed by cleansing.

Dealing With Unwanted Body Hair

The last obstacle you’ll have to overcome in your quest to achieve silky skin is unwanted body hair.  Nothing ruins the illusion or the feeling of silky smooth skin like all the annoying bumps from little hairs sticking up on your legs, face, or bikini area.  And honestly, no matter how many times you shave, you’ll always end up having to just shave again in a few days anyway.

Enter KENZZI’s solution to removing unwanted body hair: the IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset! IPL technology is a new and innovative way to remove unwanted hair and increase collagen production in your skin in order to create a surface that’s smooth and silky to the touch.

IPL involves using a series of intense wavelength light pulsed directly under the skin and into the follicle, breaking down the melanin in your hair follicles and stunting your hair’s growth.  Over time, your hair will completely stop growing altogether, leaving your skin perfectly silky smooth.

In Summary

Your journey towards having silky skin is completely attainable, so don’t give up.  No matter what your current routine is, be willing to change it just slightly to include some of these tips and tricks, and definitely consider giving IPL a try in order to remove unwanted hair and keep your skin silky smooth for the long term!





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