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Electrolysis Cost: Ultimate Guide - Kenzzi

Electrolysis Cost: Ultimate Guide

The world of beauty products, treatments, procedures, and potential mishaps is honestly the worst thing about trying to develop a personal routine you really can be passionate about.  No matter where you turn or what you’re shopping for, we can all relate to the struggle of reading about an amazing new product or treatment, going out and immediately buying it or scheduling it, and then being completely underwhelmed by the lack of results.

Because our bodies are all unique, finding a solution that works entirely for you can be difficult, especially when it comes to something as complicated as body hair.  Removing unwanted body hair can be a complete hassle, especially if you’re used to having to shave pretty much every single day. Even though our body hair is completely natural, many people find it to be a nuisance. If you want to permanently get rid of body or facial hair, there a few different options out there for you to try. 

Depending on which option you pick to remove your unwanted body hair, there may be different price points associated with them. One of the most popular and affordable types of treatments currently is electrolysis. 

We’re here to give you all the info on electrolysis as a hair removal option, talk about the costs, and figure out if it’s the right choice for you. 

Explain Electrolysis, Please

Not everyone knows what electrolysis is, especially if you’re not a self-proclaimed skincare connoisseur. We’ll help familiarize you with the term and everything that comes with it before you decide to jump headfirst into a treatment process that you may not understand. 

Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment that is done professionally by electrologists. It involves a probe and tweezers that extract the hair from the follicle. Each hair is given an electric type of pulse that will stop the growth of the hair. 

This process is repeated on the entire area that you want to remove hair from. However, the results are not instant. Similar to some other types of treatments, you’ll have to go in for several visits before you get the desired results. 

Costs Assocated With Electrolysis

There is no set price for electrolysis because the price can depend on where you get treatment and the area you are trying to remove hair from. For example, if you wanted your leg hair removed, it is going to cost more than removing just your chin hair. 

It can range from $50 to $200 per session on average. The cost may also be impacted by how long it takes the electrologist to complete the treatment. If you’re wondering about the possibility of insurance covering this, don’t get your hopes up. Most companies consider this type of treatment to be cosmetic and not medically necessary, so they won’t cover the cost. 

Wait, What About Laser?

Laser hair removal is another popular type of hair removal treatment. But don’t get confused; electrolysis and laser are extremely different. Although they do produce similar results, the procedures have almost nothing in common. 

Laser hair removal uses a laser beam to absorb the melanin in your hair follicles. This keeps the hair from growing back. Laser hair removal also mainly works on people with darker hair. Since laser targets the melanin of the hair follicle, those with lighter hair and less melanin might not get the desired results from this process. 

One of the only things these two treatments have in common is that they require multiple sessions. You will have to schedule laser hair removal appointments to achieve permanent results. So if you want electrolysis or laser hair removal, you’re going to need to have some patience. 

Some Benefits Of Electrolysis Treatments

According to the FDA, electrolysis is considered the only official method for permanently removing hair. This doesn’t mean that other methods don’t work; it’s just the only one recognized by the FDA. You can use electrolysis on sensitive parts of the body too. The treatment is very precise, so it can target extremely small areas, like your upper lip. 

As we mentioned before, electrolysis can help inhibit hair growth for all types of hair and skin colors. This makes it extremely versatile for people looking for a way to remove light or coarse hair. So if you were blessed with light leg hair (we’re jealous), electrolysis might be the right move for you. 

Are There Any Cons To Electroylsis?

Although electrolysis might be the best option for some people, it may not be within everyone’s budget. Going to multiple sessions over the course of a year can end up being a lot of money to spend on hair removal. You might want to consider the total cost of all of your treatments before deciding on electrolysis. 

The process of removing your hair completely can sometimes take more than a year using electrolysis. You typically will have to get sessions every other week until the hair is gone. However, you won’t need any touch-ups after the process is done. If you want hair removal that’s permanent, you’ll have to be patient. Unfortunately, there are no instantaneous permanent hair removal options. 

There are also some very minor and very temporary side effects to be aware of, such as slight redness, minor irritation, or swelling of the affected area.  Usually, they clear up within a matter of days but don’t hesitate to talk to a dermatologist or electrologist if symptoms persist.  

IPL As An Alternative

If you don’t like the sound of electrolysis for hair removal, you should consider an iPL device. The KENZZI device is an at-home option for getting rid of unwanted hair. IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, uses revolutionary technology to remove your hair without any razor bumps or ingrown hairs.  IPL is quickly gaining traction in the world of beauty, and here at KENZZI, we offer only the best for your needs. 

Instead of searching for a professional to perform something like electrolysis, you can use an IPL device yourself without any assistance. The design of the IPL handset from KENZZI makes it simple for anyone to use. It has different energy levels that you can use depending on your skin’s sensitivity. 

With certain hair removal methods, you are required to grow out your hair to a certain length. This can be super awkward, especially if you usually shave this area. If you use IPL, there is no required length to get optimal results. 

If you don’t like the sound of monthly or weekly payments for hair removal, getting an IPL device might be the best sounding option for you. You only pay for the device one time, and it can last you up to 10 years. This could save you a lot of money and allow you to spend it on other things you might need. 


Electrolysis is a viable hair removal option for a lot of reasons, but it’s not right for everyone. We hope that this article helped shed some light on the costs and procedures associated with this treatment and helps you decide whether or not making the decision to schedule an electrolysis appointment is for you.  

If not, KENZZI’s handheld IPL device allows you to achieve similar results in a much shorter amount of time (12 weekly treatments rather than 12-20 months) and at a much lower cost. 


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