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What Is Electrolysis Cost To Get Rid Of Facial Hair? - Kenzzi

What Is Electrolysis Cost To Get Rid Of Facial Hair?

There’s nothing wrong with body hair, but sometimes it can be annoying to deal with, especially when it’s on your face. Unwanted chin hairs or peach fuzz on your upper lip can be a cause for insecurities amongst women everywhere. 

One of the more permanent solutions to removing facial hair is electrolysis. There are a few things you should know before trying this option. One of these is the cost of the treatment. Is it worth it for the price? Let’s talk about it. 

What Is Electrolysis?

If you are exploring options for hair removal, you might be thinking about electrolysis. If you are unfamiliar with this treatment, it involves a probe and tweezers. An electrologist uses the probe to give a small pulse to the follicle and remove each hair. This process also stops the hair from growing back from within the follicle.

In order to get the desired results, you will need to have multiple treatments done. The timing of the treatments can vary for each part of the body. If you are trying to get the hair from your face removed, it shouldn’t take too long to do. The area on your face is much smaller than removing hair from your entire leg. 

Electrolysis is different from laser hair removal because it can be done on anyone. This is because it does not target the melanin of the hair. So no matter what type or color of hair you have, electrolysis will likely work for you. Of course, before you get your first treatment, your practitioner will perform a skin evaluation to make sure that the electrolysis will work properly. 

What Is The Difference Between Laser And Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is slightly different from electrolysis. Laser hair removal involves a laser beam that pulses heat energy to remove your hair. The laser absorbs the melanin in the hair shaft and stops it from growing back. 

The result of both hair removal procedures are similar, but the method for each one uses a different process. 

Laser hair removal also requires multiple sessions to get the desired results. You will have to schedule follow-up treatments at a licensed practitioner’s office. 

Laser hair removal involves some risks. Sometimes your skin can become irritated from the treatment. Your skin can also change its pigment afterward. 

Just like with electrolysis, you should make sure that you find a reputable place to get laser hair removal. If you are looking to get your facial hair removed, it is especially important to try to avoid negative results. The person performing the laser treatment should be certified in dermatology and have ample experience in the field. They should also be familiar with your skin type so that they can tell you if laser hair removal will work for you. 

Disadvantages Of Laser

Unlike electrolysis, there are a few things that you cannot do after laser hair removal. You should stay away from the gym or saunas for 24 hours after your treatment. You should also avoid using glycolic acid or retinol on your face for two days. 

Laser hair removal is safe for your face, but you should know that laser treatments can cause your hair to grow more than normal. This is rare but can be a side effect of getting laser on an incompatible skin type.  

Can Electrolysis Be Done On Your Face?

This process is very safe and can be done on any part of the body. The probe is very precise, so it can target sensitive areas. It can, however, cause some discomfort. Most people report feeling a small pinch during the treatment process. 

Benefits of Electrolysis

Electrolysis can even be done near your eyebrows if you want. The FDA considers electrolysis as the only permanent method of removing hair. You should make sure that the practitioner you decide on is properly licensed for this procedure. The last thing that you want is scarring on your face from a faulty machine or bad practice. 

There is no recovery time after getting an electrolysis treatment. Immediately after your session, you can go about your normal routine. 

Once the treatments are finished, you will not have to keep maintaining the hair from coming back. You will no longer have to worry about the hair growing back. 

Electrolysis does not use any harsh chemicals as laser hair removal or bleaching does. 

Will Insurance Cover It?

Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of electrolysis. This is mostly because it is considered a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary. But it is usually less expensive than laser hair removal. 

What Is The Cost

In general, the cost of electrolysis will depend on the length of the treatment. Depending on where you go, it can be anywhere from $30 to $200 per treatment. You will be able to find out the cost during your initial consultation. 

The consultation is where your electrologist will go over what the expectations are for your first time and the follow-up sessions. They will also likely go over how many sessions it will take to achieve the best results. 

You should remember that patience is key to something like electrolysis. It may take months or years for the hair to be fully gone. Most treatments take between 12 and 20 months to complete. 


The aftercare for electrolysis is very minimal. Your skin might feel slightly irritated immediately after the treatment is done. Usually, this will subside in a few hours. The most important part of aftercare for electrolysis is follow-up sessions. You will have to book follow-ups every other week or so. Do not forget this aspect of the aftercare, or else your treatment will not be effective. 

What Are The Alternatives?

If you don’t want to get electrolysis done, there are plenty of other hair removal options out there. If you are okay with something that is not a permanent solution, you can wax or pluck the hairs from your face. However, you will have to keep doing this every time the hair grows back. 

Shaving is an option, but we don’t recommend you shave your face because it can be dangerous. The last thing you want is razor burn or ingrown hairs on your face. 

Another permanent hair removal option is IPL. This method could be a more affordable option for people who don’t want to spend $100 for every session. IPL uses targeted light to destroy the pigment of the hair follicle. This causes the hair to fall out and prevents regrowth. 

Benefits Of IPL

One of the benefits of IPL is that you can do it yourself. It doesn't require an electrologist to complete the process. You can purchase a handheld IPL like the one from KENZZI. Instead of paying for multiple sessions, you only have to pay for the handheld device once. 

IPL will not give you ingrown hairs like waxing or shaving might. There is not a required length for your hair to use an IPL handheld device. When you wax, you have to let your hair grow out to at least ¼ inch. 

IPL can generally be done on larger areas of the skin. It also usually does not hurt as much as laser or electrolysis. Using an IPL device will usually sting a little bit during the process but will subside immediately after. 

What Hair Removal Method Is Best For Facial Hair

Both electrolysis and IPL can offer permanent hair removal results. The option that is best for you will depend on your specific hair removal needs. 

If you are still unsure about what to do, you can talk to a skin specialist, like a dermatologist, to talk about all your options. 


Having hair on your face is completely normal. If you want to rock your peach fuzz, more power to you. If you’re looking for a way to permanently remove your facial hair, electrolysis is a good option. If you are willing to put in the time and the money, it could be worth it. If you want a more cost-effective and easier method you can do yourself on your schedule, try IPL. 

IPL can remove facial hair in as little as 3 to 4 treatments. It even comes with five different settings for each skin type. The KENZZI is a gentle and effective way to treat unwanted facial hair or any other body hair. You can even use it to shape your brows. So say goodbye to cuts, burns, or ingrown hairs. 

With patience and dedication, you can get the results you’ve always desired for your face. 





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