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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take? - Kenzzi

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

Do you dream about waking up to incredibly smooth hair-free skin? Are you tired of having to shave, tweeze, wax, and pluck? If you are anything like us and body hair is the bane of your existence, it might be time to look into laser hair removal treatment, but what exactly is it and how long does it take? 

If you're interested in this increasingly popular method to get rid of unwanted body hair, but have some questions - keep reading. We have all the information you need here! 

What is Laser Hair Removal? 

What if we told you there was a way to get rid of frustrating stubble - for good. Would you believe us? Dealing with unwanted hair is a pain but with the advancement of laser technology, it's now easier than ever to get that baby-smooth, hair-free look you’ve always been after.

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment to eliminate unwanted hairs. It utilizes state-of-the-art light technology to target the hair follicles deep within the skin, where other hair removal methods like shaving and tweezing can’t reach. Hair follicles are responsible for producing hairs, so altering them causes a stunt in hair growth. Any area on the body with unwanted can be treated except for the eyes. The most common treated areas include:

  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Bikini line
  • Underarms/arms

Okay, but how does it work? 

 Medical-grade lasers are used to emit a highly focused beam of light in short pulses. The lasers are color sensitive, making the light attracted to the melanin pigment in your hair. When your hair absorbs the light, it’s converted into heat. The heat then alters the hair follicle. A few days after the laser hair removal treatment, the hair will naturally fall out and the follicle won’t be able to produce another hair. 

Is laser hair removal safe? 

Lasers? Beams of light? Before you go running for the hills thinking this popular beauty treatment sounds scary or even a little dangerous, take a deep breath. Laser hair removal treatment has been around since the 1960’s and has been practiced thousands of times. It’s not only an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is also extremely safe. 

The light that the lasers emit is attracted to your hairs, not the surrounding tissue. This means it can remove your hairs without causing damage to your skin. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime. In fact, after a laser treatment you can immediately go back to work and resume normal activities. 

When compared to other methods to remove unwanted hair like waxing and shaving, laser hair removal treatment is actually a lot safer when you really think about it. You don’t need to risk occasionally cutting yourself with a razor or burning yourself with hot wax. There are no harmful chemicals to irritate your skin as there are with depilatory creams and you don't have to worry about pinching your skin with tweezers. 

Laser hair removal is a safe treatment to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. In addition, this popular hair removal method also comes with a ton of advantages, such as:

No more pesky ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are without a doubt one of the biggest nightmares that follow waxing, epilating, or shaving. With laser hair removal treatment, you can finally bid those woes goodbye. The laser light helps to remove hair from the root, and in the process, also prevents ingrown hair from cropping up. You also don’t have to worry about razor cuts, bumps or burns from hot wax. Regular laser hair removal treatment can eliminate ingrown hairs entirely, meaning you’ll never have to worry about these painful nuisances ever again.

Softer skin. Have you ever shaved only to quickly be bothered by prickly stubble a couple of days later? With laser hair removal treatment, there is no stray hair or stubble ever left behind. This means your skin will feel velvety-smooth after a session of laser treatment. And when your hair does eventually grow back, you will notice it is much softer and thinner than before, so you don’t have to feel upset about thick hair that would usually leave your skin feeling rough.

Lasting results. One of the best benefits of laser hair removal is that the effects are long-lasting. Hair can take weeks or even months to grow back, and with every subsequent session, the hair takes much longer to reappear. Eventually, you’ll find that you’re practically hairless!

At-home options. If you have been dreaming of having hair-free skin, but simply can’t find the time, an at-home laser hair removal device might be more up your alley. Finding the time to schedule an appointment with a laser specialist to zap those pesky unwanted hairs can be tough, but with the KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset, having effortlessly beautiful skin is easier than ever. KENZZI offers the worlds #1 at-home IPL device that works to safely remove unwanted hair in as little as three treatments - all from the comfort of your very own home. 

You will save money. Sure, laser hair removal treatment may sound a little pricey at first, but picture how much money you will save in the long run. With laser treatment, you will never have to purchase endless razors, shaving cream, depilatory creams, or wax strips ever again. No more costly wax or threading appointments and no more having to fuzz with tweezers. The results of laser hair removal are far superior and the cost, over time, is much less. 

How long does it take?

Now that you understand what laser hair removal is and how it can benefit you, you’re probably trying to figure out how long treatment takes and the answer is - it varies. 

The office visit itself typically doesn't take too long. It depends on the area you are looking to treat, though. For example, large areas like the legs and back may take an hour or two while the chin and upper lip may only take a few minutes. You’ll see results after your first session, but it will take several sessions to see permanent results. In 4 to 6 sessions, spaced about four weeks apart, most people will see 70 to 80 percent reduction in hair growth. For best results, maintenance treatments done once or twice a year are ideal to make sure follicles don’t regenerate to start growing unwanted hair again. 

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is unique and experiences hair growth differently. If your bestie experiences results faster than you, don’t get discouraged! Stay patient and keep up with your treatments. Hair grows in cycles so it is crucial to stay on track with each laser session to ensure you are properly targeting each hair while it is in the correct phase of hair growth for permanent removal. 


If you are sick and tired of having to deal with dull razors, smelly depilatory creams, and hot wax, it’s time you look into a more permanent hair removal solution. 

Laser hair removal treatment is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that works by altering follicles to prevent the growth of unwanted hair. Most people see results in as little as 4-6 treatments, but this can vary from person to person. Depending on the area you are looking to get treated, the length of time for each laser session can also vary. For example, if you want to zap unwanted hair from a small area like your upper lip, treatment should take no more than ten minutes. But if you want to remove hair from a larger area like your back or legs, treatment can take up to an hour. 


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