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Laser Hair Removal Products: What To Look For When Purchasing One - Kenzzi

Laser Hair Removal Products: What To Look For When Purchasing One

Ditching your razor and avoiding frustrating stubble just days after shaving sounds like a dream. That’s where laser hair removal comes in. But what if you don’t have the time for each session that’s needed for effective treatment or simply don’t feel comfortable having to undergo a laser? 

If you’ve been searching for a way to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all but the thought of going to a laser clinic makes you shudder, then you’re in luck because at-home laser hair removal products are available. But what exactly are they? How do they work? And what should you look for when purchasing one?

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Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is a fact of life - and for the record, it’s 100 percent normal. But sometimes, you just want it gone. Like, gone gone. Sure, shaving is simple enough, but hair grows back quickly, while waxing and sugaring last a bit longer, but tend to be much more painful. More and more, people are turning to laser hair removal as an alternative, permanent solution - and we can see why!

Laser hair removal is a safe treatment that works to effectively eliminate unwanted hair. It utilizes state-of-the-art light technology to target the hair follicles deep within the skin, where other popular hair removal methods - like shaving and waxing - can’t reach. The lasers are color sensitive, making the light attracted to the melanin pigment in your hair. When your hair absorbs this light, it is then converted into heat. The heat alters the hair follicle causing damage, which prevents it from being able to produce another hair in the future. 

Laser hair removal can treat any area on the body with unwanted hair, excluding the eyes. The most common areas for treatment include the:

  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Upper lip
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Underarms

What are at-home laser hair removal products?

Laser hair removal has come a long way since its evolution in the 1960s. Back in the day, to reap the benefits of silky-smooth, hair-free skin by laser, an appointment with a laser specialist or technician was required. In fact, not just one appointment, but several appointments were needed to get the best results. Today, achieving flawless skin without a pesky hair insight is easier than ever with at-home laser hair removal products.

Laser technology has advanced quite a bit over the years, and although at-home laser devices are less powerful than those that clinics use, they can still be effective if used properly over time. Using a laser hair removal device from the comfort of your home is cheaper and much more convenient than undergoing treatment at a clinic. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all products are created equal. 

If you are considering an at-home laser hair removal product to combat unwanted hair, here’s what to look for when purchasing one:

Window size. First of all, when purchasing an at-home laser hair removal product, it’s important to know that the application window is the glass surface that will be in contact with your skin during the treatment - the wider the window, the larger the area it will cover. Your choice will then depend on the parts of your body that you are looking to treat. For example, if you are looking to treat only small areas like your face, bikini line, or underarms, a device with a small window will work great! However, if you want to treat larger areas, such as your back, chest, or legs, you’ll need to purchase a device with a wide treatment window to allow you a fast and effective session. If your goal is to treat your entire body, in other words: legs, face, arms, back, chest, and bikini line, be sure to purchase a device with several window sizes. This way, you can change the window depending on the area to be treated. 

Light pulses. The lifespan of the laser hair removal device depends solely on the number of light pulses it delivers. Simply put - the higher the number of light pulses, the higher the lifespan of the device. Look for a device like the KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset that has over 10+ years of flashes to leave your skin stubble-free for many years to come. 

Skin tone and hair color compatibility. When contemplating a new at-home laser hair removal product, it’s important to understand whether the device suits you or not. Laser treatment is most effective on dark, coarse hair and light to fair skin tones. So if you happen to have white or gray hair, chances are laser treatment won’t provide the results you are looking for and it might be a good idea to consider electrolysis

Warranty. You can never really be too sure of the quality of the product that you’ll be purchasing until you’ve put in some time using it. For peace of mind, look for an incredible company like KENZZI that backs their product with a warranty. A manufacturer is more confident of its product if it offers a money-back guarantee. At-home laser hair removal devices can be a little pricey. Be sure you are purchasing a top-quality product that comes with a warranty.

Energy levels. At-home laser hair removal products offer different energy levels to suit various skin sensitivities. Most devices offer 3 to 5 energy levels, with one being the weakest to five being the strongest. For your first use or if you happen to have sensitive skin, be sure to start at level one and move your way up as you get more comfortable with the higher energy levels. Look for a device like The KENZZI which has 5 different power settings to suit your unique skin-tone and skin sensitivities while still producing results at any level. 

Corded or cordless. Some laser hair removal products can be used cordless, for ease of use and transportation, but be sure to check the battery strength to avoid having to stop mid-treatment. If you’re looking to treat large areas like your legs, back, or chest, more time will be needed per session to effectively treat unwanted hair. Find a device like KENZZI’s that comes with a 12V power supply to ensure the battery doesn't die on you during use. Trust us - nothing is more frustrating than the power turning off in the middle of a laser treatment. 

The price. The price is a pretty important criterion to take into consideration. After identifying the qualities and characteristics of each product, the next step is to know its price. It’s obvious that an entry-level hair removal product will not have the same qualities as a high-end one, but be aware that the best device is not necessarily the most expensive one. Before settling on a product, be sure to check the reviews to ensure it’s worth the price tag. 


Gone are the days of having to schedule an appointment with a laser specialist to effectively eliminate unwanted hair. Today, achieving flawless hair-free skin is easier than ever with at-home laser hair removal products. 

When looking to purchase one, be sure to check a few things like the window size, energy levels, and light pulses to make sure you are purchasing the best product for you. Also, check to see if the company backs their product with a warranty and be sure to read reviews. 


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