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Facial Hair Removal: 6 Ways To Remove Facial Hair at Home - Kenzzi

Facial Hair Removal: 6 Ways To Remove Facial Hair at Home

All women have facial hair, and for many - excluding eyebrows - it’s not necessarily noticeable. That is, until you peer into a magnifying mirror of course! You’ve probably noticed peach fuzz on places like your chin, cheeks, jawline, or upper lip. Humans are mammals and mammals have hair. It’s a fact of life and believe it or not - 100 percent normal. However, for many, unwanted facial hair is a nightmare. The good news is hair removal can help.

Hair removal is a very personal choice. And when it comes to hair on your face, it’s a pretty sensitive one, too. Literally. The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin on your back, arms, or legs, so it’s important to be thoughtful and careful about the methods of hair removal you choose. While removing unwanted hair on most parts of your body is no biggy, removing it from your face takes extra TLC. 

So, what are all the ways to remove facial hair at home, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


Tweezing is probably the cheapest and easiest method of removing unwanted facial hair. It’s most commonly the go-to way to keep your brows tamed and on fleek. Tweezing works well on any facial hair and is an excellent choice for plucking out those occasional chin hairs that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Best for: All hair types in small areas (like stray chin hairs) wiry hairs, or precision tasks (like shaping brows)

Pain level: Low to medium

After care: There is not too much aftercare with tweezing, but if your face is a little irritated, slather on a soothing moisturizer or gel. 

At-Home Waxing 

Another very common facial hair removal method is waxing. Usually, an appointment with a wax specialist is needed, but with the right products and setup, you can easily wax those pesky facial hairs from the comfort of your home. Known to last a good four weeks, all this method requires is some hot wax and grit. (Okay, maybe not grit, though nobody ever said waxing was a soothing pastime!) Some of the side effects of waxing include burns, redness, or scabs so be prepared for residual redness, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Best for: Everyone except for those with sensitive skin types. Great for coarse, thick hair and larger areas like the cheeks or sideburns. 

Pain level: High

After care: First off, avoid touching the treated area to ensure any bacteria or oils don’t irritate the skin. If your skin burns following treatment, apply a calming moisturizer or a cold compress. 

Depilatory Cream 

Depilatory creams are easy to use when looking to combat facial hair. However, users beware, these popular creams do tend to smell pretty awful. Why? Because depilatory creams use harmful chemicals such as calcium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate to effectively remove unwanted hair, leaving behind a pungent odor. While results only last a couple of days, depilatory creams make for a quick and simple method to get rid of facial hair. The side effects are minimal, but sometimes the chemicals can burn your skin, especially if the cream is left on for too long. 

Best for: Fine hair types

Pain level: Low

After care: If your skin gets a little irritated, apply a cortisone cream to help combat irritation. 


Threading is a popular method for those looking to shape their eyebrows and remove unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, cheek, and chin. This method uses a thread, which pulls and twists unwanted hair until it lifts from the hair follicle. The results can last longer than tweezing and depilatory creams, plus this method doesn't cause painful ingrown hairs. Threading also doesn’t involve chemicals, so there’s no risk of a skin reaction, although you may experience some pain or discomfort as you remove each hair from your face. Threading is not ideal for those who have acne because it can cause bumps to rupture. 

Best for: Precise and meticulous tasks on smaller areas like the cheeks, eyebrows, and upper lip. 

Pain level: High

After care: Stick with gentle skin-care moisturizers and cleansers to avoid irritating your skin. 


Unlike tweezers, which pull out individual hairs, epilation devices pluck out multiple hairs at once. Basically, think of the device as having multiple little tweezers, all going at the same time. Epilation can be quite painful, so it’s best for those with a high tolerance for pain, but the more you use it, the more accustomed you’ll become to the feeling, and you just might not even consider it painful after regular use.  

Best for: Really fine peach-fuzz hair in larger areas like the cheeks and chin. 

Pain level: High

After care: If you are going to use this method for hair removal, apply a soothing aloe vera or chamomile extract-rich moisturizing cream onto your skin afterward to help reduce any redness or swelling. 

At-Home IPL Hair Removal

All of these methods we’ve listed are great for removing facial hair, but what if you’re looking for a more permanent solution? Sure, tweezing and waxing is easy enough, but having to do it every other week can be a pain. That’s where at-home IPL hair removal steps in. Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is an effective way to get rid of facial hair - permanently. It works by emitting a broad-spectrum light that scatters across the skin. It directs light at the pigment melanin in the hair follicle, which damages the root preventing it from being able to produce new hair. If you decide to go this route to kick your unsightly facial hair to the curb, it's a good idea to keep in mind that not all products are created equal. Look for an at-home IPL hair removal device that is backed by a warranty like the KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset. This super tool comes with 5 power settings making it safe for all skin tones and was designed to provide incredible results in as little as three to four treatments. If you never want to deal with facial hair again, KENZZI is definitely your best bet!

Best for: Dark coarse hair

Pain level: Low

After care: After an IPL treatment, your skin might be a little red. This can easily be fixed with a little Aloe vera and an ice pack. 


If facial hair isn't really your thing then dealing with it can be a pain. The good news is that there are ways to combat those pesky unwanted hairs all from the comfort of your own home. 

Tweezing is the cheapest method, but it can be quite tedious. Waxing is another great option, but not ideal for those with sensitive skin. Depilatory creams are probably the easiest method to remove unwanted hair, but they can smell pretty awful and burn your skin if not used properly. Threading and epilation are also great, but like tweezing, these methods are tedious and can be really painful. 

That leaves us with at-home IPL hair removal. Everyone has different opinions, but when it comes to ease of use and level of pain, our favorite at-home facial hair removal method is IPL. In addition to leaving your skin velvety smooth, devices like the KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset can effectively eliminate unwanted hair in as little as three to four treatments. This means that you will never have to deal with razor bumps, wax burns, or ingrown hairs ever again. 

If your ultimate goal is to have perfect skin day after day, purchase an at-home IPL device like the KENZZI - you will thank us later!


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