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Facial Hair Removal For Women - Kenzzi

Facial Hair Removal For Women

Having facial hair as a woman can sometimes feel awkward or strange, but the reality is that all women have it, and women should be celebrated how they are. That being said, because of beauty standards, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with their facial hair. 

It’s important to do whatever makes you feel most beautiful, of course, because when you feel beautiful, you radiate a confidence you won’t feel if you’re not feeling like yourself. If that means keeping your facial hair, by all means, do it! But if that means removing your facial hair, as it does for many women, you should do that. Basically, whatever makes you feel more beautiful is what you should do.

If you have facial hair, you might be wondering what you can do to tame it or altogether remove it. There are several ways to tackle removing facial hair, so do whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you’re looking to get started, we’ve created the perfect guide to help. 

What Causes Facial Hair?

Unfortunately, facial hair is often viewed as a taboo subject, despite the fact that every single woman has some form of it. While some women have darker or thicker hair than others, most have some sort of “peach fuzz.” 

If the hair is darker, thicker, and excessively growing on a woman’s body or face, this is typically the result of a condition called “hirsutism.” The way to differentiate between common facial hair and hair that is the result of hirsutism is by looking at the texture. Coarse or dark hair can point to hirsutism and deviates from the facial hair all women have. 

This condition is not dangerous! That being said, it could definitely lead to a deflation of a woman’s self-esteem. Also, if you’re concerned that you have this condition, you should seek professional medical advice, as you might want to make sure the hormones are not impacting other facets of your health. 

This condition impacts somewhere between 5-10% of women, and oftentimes, it runs in families. Therefore, if your mother or female sibling shows signs of this, you might be more likely to get it. 

Like we mentioned before, it is completely normal and expected for all women to have some sort of facial hair. It’s often lighter and thinner; however, some women do experience coarse, dark hair growing on their face. 

There are also some medical reasons you might be experiencing excessive hair. Women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), adrenal gland disorders, or take certain medications might also feel that they have more hair than they’d like. 

It’s important to remember that if you’re experiencing this, you are not alone. In addition, there are plenty of options on how to tackle removing your facial hair. 

How to Remove Facial Hair on Women

If you’ve decided that you’d feel more comfortable or confident with the absence of facial hair, there are a lot of ways to tackle removing it. Here are some popular ones:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Tweezing 
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) 

Different methods of facial hair removal have their pros and cons. It’s important to understand what each method is capable of in order to select the right one for you. Here’s some more information about each of these methods

  • Shaving: Shaving is a quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair. While people typically consider shaving only for the body and not as much the face, there are ways that you can effectively shave your face to remove facial hair. That being said, there are some major setbacks for shaving. 

    For one, it doesn’t last very long - you might get three days out of a shave, but after that, you’ll have to repeat the process again. And while this method is pretty safe, you are at risk for ingrown hairs, which could pop up when the hair grows back into the skin. These can be painful or unsightly. 
  • Waxing: While waxing is an effective way to remove hair in one area, it can have some negative drawbacks. If you’re waxing your face, it’s important to ensure that you’re looking for a soft wax kit that’s made for use on the face - you don’t want to be pouring the same products you’d put on your legs on your face! 

    In addition, if you choose to go down this path, you should be sure to pick up a lot of waxing sticks, so you only use each one once - “double-dipping” them can quickly lead to a skin infection as you’re possibly putting bacteria into the wax. Before you put the wax all over your face, you should do a simple test and make sure you’re not allergic first and that you’ve found the right temperature for the wax so you don’t burn your face. 
  • Tweezing: Tweezing is a popular and relatively inexpensive way to eliminate excessive facial hair. That being said, it’s more time-consuming because you have to remove the hairs individually as opposed to in a group or cluster. Since it pulls hair from the roots, tweezing typically does have a longer-lasting impact than waxing or shaving would. 

    This can be a painful process as well. You should also ensure that your tweezers are cleaned before and after you pluck - this means disinfecting them with alcohol. In addition, there’s the risk of ingrown hairs. 
  • IPL: IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It’s a form of light therapy that many people choose to use. It can be used to effectively treat wrinkles, spots, and undesired hair. IPL can allow you to remove hair at-home without the risk of razor burn or ingrown hairs. Win-win, right? In addition, the KENZZI at-home IPL set can be used for your face and other parts of your body, which makes it an all-around great product. It only takes a few minutes to get started on having hair-free skin! 

More Information on IPL

As far as the different facial hair removal processes go, it’s obvious that IPL is an excellent choice. The KENZZI at-home hair removal handset has five different power settings which help suit your skin-tone or skin’s sensitivity. It produces results at any level. 

There are a variety of benefits to using IPL. One of them is to remove the excess hair you’d like to remove, but it’s also useful to minimize:

  • Age spots 
  • Freckles
  • Varicose veins 
  • Sun damage  
  • Broken blood vessels in your face 
  • Rosacea 
  • Birthmarks
  • Hair in undesired locations 

It’s also important to note that IPL isn’t the same as a laser treatment. While a laser treatment focuses only one wavelength of light on your skin, IPL releases light in several different wavelengths at the area. Think of it as similar to a camera’s flash. 

IPL is a popular option because the light is more scattered and, as a result, less focused than a laser would be. It ultimately penetrates all the way down to the second layer of the skin and doesn’t harm the top layer. This means it doesn’t damage your skin as much as a laser treatment traditionally would. 

If you wanted to get an IPL treatment in an office, you would typically have to pay between $700 and $1200. Luckily, if you don’t want to spend that much money on a treatment, you can do it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Spending less money to get the same effect? Sign us up! 

If you’re curious about IPL hair removal for your face, you might want to know more about some potential side effects. It’s usual to experience slight swelling or even redness following the procedure, but you can usually expect this to fade within a day or two. 

Sometimes, you might also experience slight bruising, blistering, changes in skin color or infection. You can reduce your chances of this by making sure that you take care of your skin before and after the procedure. 

While you should be able to resume normal activities after your IPL treatment, you might feel like the part of your skin that you treated is slightly red or swollen for a little while after. This is normal. In addition, you should avoid using very hot water on the skin until it heals.

In Conclusion

When it comes to deciding to remove facial hair, you should do whatever feels most comfortable and right for you. That being said, if you’re a person who feels more confident without facial hair, there are a variety of ways to go about tackling it. One leading way is through IPL. This treatment is less damaging to skin than traditional laser therapy would be. 

Another leading reason that IPL is ideal for removing facial hair is that you can do it at home. With KENZZI’s IPL Hair Removal Handset, you can remove whatever excess hair you don’t want. You don’t have to hide your facial hair any longer. You can take control today with KENZZI. 


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