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Warnings Against Plucking Pubic Hair

When looking for ways to remove that pesky pubic hair, there are tons of options out there. You’ve probably tried waxing, shaving, and even tweezing. We’re here to tell you about the dos, (but mostly don’ts) of plucking pubic hair. It can be so appealing to tackle that bikini line with your trusted tweezers. However, it will prove time-consuming, painful, and even dangerous. 

So, make sure you read on to hear our warnings on what you’re doing right, wrong, and not at all when it comes to pubic hair plucking. And remember, pubic hair removal is completely a personal preference and does not need to be removed, so don’t feel pressured to remove it at all!

So Why Tweeze in the First Place?

We can definitely understand wanting to tweeze those hard-to-reach places, such as your underarms, nipples, and pubic hair. You can do it from the comfort of your home and you maintain complete control. There are some things that may draw you to tweezing, including privacy, control, low cost, and ease. 

Tweezing at home is relatively easy, requiring only yourself, a pair of tweezers, and some good lighting. It can require fewer materials and be less messy than other methods of hair removal. In addition, if done correctly, the entire hair follicle may be removed, which can last for up to 6 weeks. Plucking removes the hair from its root beneath the skin.

However, doing it correctly is no easy task. Your tweezers must be sterilized to prevent infection, and the hair should be pulled at an angle with the skin around it stretched tight. Although tweezing may seem like your best bet, we think there are better options out there. For starters, a study found that plucking multiple hairs together may actually promote hair growth in the area where you are trying to remove it! So, keep reading to learn why plucking is definitely not your new best friend.

The History of Pubic Hair Removal

While pubic hair removal is a personal preference, it has been shaped by centuries of history. And as the pandemic has forced many of you to opt for at-home solutions, pubic plucking has become increasingly prevalent. The practice began in ancient Egypt and became a class issue in the Roman Empire. Today, however, there are many movements that promote natural body hair and not removing it.  

Warnings Against Pubic Plucking

Below you’ll find our warnings against plucking pubic hair. It is important to do your research when finding solutions for hair removal, such as an at-home method like our IPL hair removal device. Make sure to choose the option that works best for you and your body. 

Whether or not you’ve tried the pubic-plucking method, you can imagine there are some drawbacks. Despite the privacy and convenience outlined above, make sure to read our warnings on the subject before you try it. 

The Time Problem​

Plucking your pubic hairs can be extremely time-consuming. First, there can be tons of tiny hair follicles concentrated in this area. Whether you are tackling just your bikini line or the entire area, this painstaking process can take way more time than you may be willing to dedicate. It also requires extreme precision so as to not pinch any skin or miss any hairs. If not done in proper lighting, there may be stray hairs left hanging on for dear life. 

The Pain Problem​ 

As most of you know, the skin in the bikini area is extremely sensitive. So, for all the time it will take to pluck each individual hair, don’t forget about the pain that consequently comes with it. Granted, it's nothing excruciating, but it will definitely be uncomfortable. 

The pain during the process is one thing, but the other aspects such as irritation and ingrown hairs are another. In order to properly pluck, the entire hair follicle must be removed down to the root, which can cause a pinching feeling and lots of discomforts. Unfortunately, further discomfort will likely come in the aftermath as well. 

The Irritation Problem​ 

Plucking pubic hair can cause redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and even permanent damage. When a hair follicle is removed, it can be painful and often done incorrectly. We’ve all seen those persistent razor bumps that can pop up after shaving, whether it be your pubic hair or anywhere else. However, a similar thing can also happen when plucking. 

With each hair plucked, a tiny reaction may occur, such as redness and swelling, and when done in a large area, it can become very painful. This tweezing trauma can become a problem right away when your skin becomes irritated throughout the actual process. Especially along the bikini line, stiff or tight underwear can further irritate the area and cause itching. Finally, make sure to be mindful of extra short or partially tweezed hairs, as they can lead to our next pubic plucking warning: ingrown hairs. 

The Ingrown Hair Problem​ 

The infamously evil ingrown hair can occur anywhere on your body. But have you ever had one on your bikini line? If not, consider yourself lucky. Seriously, ingrown hairs can be painful and tough to get rid of! They often start off as small red bumps where a hair follicle has previously been removed, and are caused by hair growing and curling backward or sideways underneath the skin. Sounds pleasant, right? 

These troublesome little hairs can continue to grow underneath the skin if not properly taken care of and become increasingly painful, often leading to infection. Plucking your pubic area too often leads to these bad boys. Tweezing tends to lead to ingrown hairs anywhere on the body, but especially in your sensitive pubic area. 

When you encounter one of these ingrown pubic hairs, do not dig it out or tweeze it. That will only make it worse and more painful. So, if ingrown pubic hairs are seeming like the last thing you want, maybe avoid the tweezers and go for another method of hair removal, or even none at all. 

The Infection Problem​ 

As bad as ingrown hairs may seem on their own, they also carry some hefty baggage. Removing hairs (especially ingrown ones) with tweezers can lead to infections in the hair follicles and surrounding area. One area in particular that we would love to keep infection-free is the pubic one. Plucking these annoying ingrown hairs may seem like your only way out, but be patient. Doing this can lead to uncomfortable infection and even damage such as scarring and redness. 

Try seeing a dermatologist instead if ingrown hairs and infection get worse or don’t go away. As much as we feel like we can tackle our personal health and beauty from the counter of our bathroom vanity, sometimes it’s time to call in an expert. Whether that be a doctor or an online article like this one, make sure you do your research before taking a pinching tool to your sensitive areas. 

So, tweezing your pubic hair comes with a bunch of downsides. Why not try something different? See below for other methods of hair removal including the KENZZI at-home hair removal kit which is pain-free and easy to use.

Other Methods To Help Avoid Plucking, Irritation, and Frustration

If, after reading our warnings, you’re still game to tame those pubic hairs with tweezers, more power to you. However, if you’re looking for another option, here are some other ways to approach pubic hair removal. 

  • Shaving - A classic. It's much quicker and relatively cost-effective compared to other methods. You can maintain that privacy and control that comes with tweezing, in only half the time. If tweezers aren’t your new best friend, a razor just might be.  
  • Waxing - Waxing is another timely method of hair removal, but can be difficult and painful when applied to the pubic area. If done by a professional, waxing often lasts longer than shaving and achieves a cleaner look. However, waxing can be costly, painful, and even unsanitary, if not practiced properly. 
  • Laser Hair Removal - For more permanent results, laser hair removal is your best bet. It can last for months or even years. In-office treatments for this method can be costly and time-consuming. A more cost-effective and convenient option is KENZZI’s handheld IPL hair removal device


Whatever you decide, make sure to do your research beforehand. Every method has its pros and cons, but we are here to warn you against plucking your pubic hair to avoid irritation, wasted time, ingrown hairs, and infection. And if you do choose to continue forward in your pubic hair removal journey by way of tweezers, remember to properly clean your tweezers, use good lighting, and pluck those pesky hairs.  


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