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IPL For Male Nipple Hair Removal - Kenzzi

IPL For Male Nipple Hair Removal

If you’re one of the thousands of people that struggles with unwanted hair, you know how absolutely frustrating it can be to try to remove it permanently.  It’s difficult to keep track of all the methods that have been suggested to you by ads, and you’re probably tired of the fact that shaving is the only cost-effective method out there because of the fact that it isn’t even close to permanent.  

If you find yourself shaving over and over again with no real progress, you’ll be thankful to hear that other options are out there! Enter intense pulsed light (or IPL), a revolutionary new method of hair removal that will absolutely transform the way you look at your hair removal routine. IPL is both cost-effective and less time consuming than shaving, and you’ll be thankful that you heard about it as a great way to remove unwanted nipple hair.  

Why Remove Nipple Hair In The First Place?

Here’s the inside scoop on unwanted hair removal: if you don’t want hair on your body, you don’t need any rationale when it comes to getting rid of it.  There are so many restrictions and expectations placed on people by modern society when it comes to how they choose to style themselves.  It doesn’t matter what gender you are, how old you are, or what you do for a living: you don’t have to create a lifestyle or an appearance to please others.

Some people decide that they should remove nipple hair for their profession, such as swimmers, and that’s totally okay, too! If shaving has become too much of a hassle, IPL might be perfect for you.  

If your nipple hair causes discomfort, remove it! If your nipple hair makes you insecure, get rid of it! If you’re not comfortable with the way nipple hair makes you feel, it’s completely your call on how to deal with it.  Don’t feel the need to justify your decisions to us or to anyone else!  IPL is for absolutely anybody at all.   

What Is IPL?

So you’re looking into IPL as a new way to get rid of pesky and unwanted body hair.  What even is it? That’s a great question! Let’s dive into the science a little bit so you can be fully aware of what you’re looking into.  

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a new body hair removal method that uses a combination of two light-emitting devices called flashlamps and bandpass emitters that combine to put out a high-intensity pulsed light beam across a predetermined set of wavelengths.  This process is used to effectively stunt hair growth and will eventually break down the proteins in the hair to weaken it to the point of falling out completely.  

To be completely upfront, IPL does not instantly remove hair, but it is an effective method for long-term hair removal.  Because hair consists of a wide variety of proteins such as melanin and keratin, the best way to stunt hair growth is to attack those proteins.  IPL does an excellent job of this because the light beams used in the process destroy melanin to get rid of hair for you! 

However, because of the way that the science works with IPL, it can actually limit who IPL works for.  Intense Pulsed Light hair removal works best for those with lighter skin and darker hair because the IPL needs to be able to differentiate between the melanin in your hair follicles the color of your skin.  So if you have really light hair or darker skin, IPL will most likely not be very effective for you.  Look into other options for your hair removal.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using IPL?

Something to keep in mind when considering IPL is that it’s not a laser emitting device, which means the light it emits is limited to the 500-1200 nanometer range.  This wavelength range of light is completely safe for contact with skin and can be used for a wide variety of personal care or cosmetics tasks, such as healing skin scars, lesions, acne, and of course, removing unwanted hair.  However, before you commit to IPL, it’s important to cover any side effects, so let’s discuss those!

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that IPL currently has no known long-term side effects, and even the known short-term side effects of this hair removal technique are purely cosmetic and resolve themselves within just a few days.  

Here’s a list of the most common side effects of IPL:

  • Feeling like you have a mild sunburn: some people who have used IPL report feeling like the affected area feels tight, mildly red, or slightly swollen.  This is a very short-term side effect and usually goes away within a few days of each IPL treatment.
  • External redness or minor irritation immediately following the treatment: this is by far the most commonly recorded side effect of IPL and usually only affects people with more sensitive skin.  Because the skin is sensitive to contact, it’s completely understandable that temporary redness can occur.  This also goes away within hours or days.
  • Around 10% of people who undergo IPL treatment experience mild topical bruising at the spot of the removal.  The discomfort experienced seems to be related to the area, so if you’re using IPL on your nipples, be aware of this fact.
  • Mild pigmentation changes may occur, but they typically clear out within a few days as well.  Because IPL uses high energy to target skin cells, it’s possible that that energy can be damaging to the skin pigmentation surrounding the hair follicles.

How Do You Get Started With IPL?

When you’re looking at options for IPL, there are several places you can begin.  However, IPL can often be incredibly expensive.  For example, if you’re looking to get IPL treatment done by a professional, IPL sessions can cost several hundred dollars.  Professional dermatologists command a premium when it comes to their services, and IPL is not always very cost-effective, especially when you consider that for hair removal, several treatments may be necessary.

 If you’re looking for hair removal for only specific places on your body, such as nipple hair removal, it might be better to explore the option of IPL at your own home. KENZZI offers the world’s #1 at-home hair removal option with our IPL handset.           

Why To Choose KENZZI

So why should you even consider KENZZI above other options? First, KENZZI is definitively the best option for easy, at-home hair removal with no razor burn and no in-grown hairs.  Secondly, the cost of performing your own IPL treatments at home is significantly less than having a professional dermatologist perform them for you.  The KENZZI IPL Hair Removal handset can be used on any part of the body, even the most sensitive areas such as your face, Brazilian area, or even your nipples.  

KENZZI is trusted by thousands of people and has received tons of positive reviews, including a recommendation of our products by Paris Hilton! If Paris Hilton trusts KENZZI for the ultimate in luxury and comfort for beauty products, then so can you! 

Aftercare for IPL

Just like any cosmetic procedure, the aftercare with IPL is an important part of the treatment.  Making sure you’re taking complete care of your skin will make sure you can limit the side effects and leave your house feeling your best every time.  

The most simple post-treatment routine for IPL involves protecting your skin from sun damage.  Because you’re exposing your skin and hair follicles to high amounts of energy, it’s a great idea to protect that same skin from typical sun damage throughout the rest of your day.  Additionally, make sure you avoid retinol or other chemical exfoliants during the process, as these ingredients in skincare products can actually increase the irritation your skin experiences.

Other than that, IPL really shouldn’t change your skincare routine that much! Just continue your normal routine with the confidence that your body can look exactly how you’d like it to.  

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, hair removal is entirely subjective.  Here at KENZZI, we want to be able to create a way for you to experience the exact lifestyle you want to achieve with no extra hassle, in a cost-effective way.  Discover the freedom to create the look you want for yourself in the comfort of your own home.  If IPL doesn’t work for you, or if you ever find that its side effects are causing too much discomfort, please reach out to a dermatologist to get a recommendation for your next steps.  Take control of your lifestyle and your skincare today with KENZZI!     


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