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How To Get Rid Of Back Hair

For many people, maintaining a hair-free body is important to them. Gender doesn’t really matter when it comes to body hair maintenance. Both men and women can, and do, remove their unwanted body hair. Many men and women also prefer to keep their body hair and don’t care to have it removed. This is also completely fine and normal. For those that do like to remove their body hair, you know it can be frustrating at times. 

There are so many different ways to go about the hair removal process that it can be overwhelming and confusing at times. The worst aspect of hair removal is that most methods are not effective or require constant upkeep. Plus, removing hair can get really expensive, depending on the method you use! Basically, getting rid of your body hair is a lose-lose situation. It costs a lot of money, and you have to keep doing it over and over. 

We are sure that everyone can relate when we say there are times when we felt like giving up and just letting our hair grow. If you don’t like body hair, though, it’s not fair for you to have to deal with it if you simply just want it gone. Generally, there are places that people don’t mind having hair. Our arms, for example, have thin hair that’s not as annoying to look at or keep on our bodies. Men also usually don’t mind having hair on their legs or chest, depending on how much there is. 

Unwanted Hair

One spot that both men and women usually don’t like having hair is on their backs. Back hair is thick and dark, and it can be a real pain to remove. This can be really frustrating for so many people. It’s a hard-to-reach spot, making shaving and hair removal cream almost impossible to do. That pretty much leaves you with waxing, which is so painful. 

So, if you have back hair, what can you do? You have a couple of options that we are here to discuss. In this article, we will talk about back hair, your treatment options, and the best course of action for you to take. If you have back hair and want it gone, you are not alone! Keep reading to learn how to get rid of back hair. 

Can Women Grow Back Hair?

Yes, believe it or not, women can grow back hair. It’s actually much more common than you might think, and it is totally normal. There are two reasons why a woman might grow hair on her back. The first reason is that it’s a hereditary thing, meaning that if your family has back hair, you probably will too. The other reason is that the woman has a hormonal imbalance or an excessive hair growth condition. 

Hormonal Imbalances and Genetic Traits

It is not necessarily ‘bad’ if you have a hormonal imbalance or hair growth condition, but you will want to have addressed it by a doctor at some point. Especially if your hormones are out of whack, it’s important to regulate them as much as you can. The most common hormonal imbalance issue that causes hair growth in women is PCOS. This can occur when a woman has excess male hormones in their body, specifically androgen (responsible for hair growth). It can cause a variety of other issues internally and externally as well. 

Hirsutism is an issue that presents itself in women and causes excessive hair growth in places on your body that only men typically have hair. This is a reason why many women do grow hair on their backs. It can be caused by certain disorders in your thyroid or pituitary glands, certain medicines, steroids, and hormonal changes such as menopause. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is not something that can be treated but rather maintained. The exception is when you are simply able to change your medication to stop the excessive hair growth.  

If you are a woman with a hairy back, you will most likely have excessive hair growth on other parts of your body. If there is a hormonal or excessive hair growth issue, you will likely see hair on most parts of your body. If it is an issue of genetics, then you will likely only see hair growth in that one specific area (in this case, your back). Either way, it is nothing to be alarmed about. It does happen to women, and it’s actually fairly common. If you do find that you have excessive hair growth in certain areas, like your back, it is worthwhile to just ask your doctor to check it out at your next appointment. 

What Are My Back Hair Removal Options?

Your back hair removal options are pretty similar to any hair removal options. The difference is, the back is a very hard-to-reach spot on your body. This can make all forms of hair removal difficult to do individually. In pretty much all cases, you will need someone to assist you with the hair removal on your back, no matter which method you use. For this reason, many people find themselves going to get in-office treatments. 

Your back hair removal options include shaving, waxing, hair removal cream, and IPL hair removal. It really does depend on how much hair you have on your back and where the hair is located when it comes down to doing it yourself or needing help. For example, if you just have a few patches of hair towards the top of your back or the bottom of your back, you can shave or use hair removal cream on your own. If your entire back is covered with hair, then it is probably best to ask someone to help you, which is totally fine. 

Shaving and hair removal cream are the quickest ways to get rid of your body hair. However, they are also the most tedious methods because they have to be repeated a few times each week. This is why most people do not prefer to do either of these things on their back unless they are in a rush or in a pinch. One of the most common ways people get rid of back hair is by having it waxed. This method is the most painful, and it can get pretty expensive because you have to get it done every other week.

The Best Option

The best option you have is getting IPL hair removal done on your back. This is a method that uses light energy with a multi-spectrum wavelength to destroy the hair follicle. Here’s the great news: this means that over time, the hair on your back will slowly stop growing back until it barely grows back at all. This is ideal for getting rid of back hair because you will never have to deal with it again. You will no longer have to worry about shaving it or waxing it every week. 

Where Should I Go for IPL Treatments?

You can get an IPL treatment at most dermatologists or estheticians’ offices. These treatments can be costly and time-consuming. A better option for both your sanity and your wallet is to try KENZZI’s at-home IPL Hair Removal Handset. Our at-home device is so easy to use, and it will save you a ton of time and money. Just as with the other methods in this article, you might need some help reaching difficult spots on your back. Have someone you are close with or live with help you so that you don’t miss any spots. 

You can start by using the device weekly to see how your body reacts and to see if you start achieving results. If you use it properly, it will last you for at least ten years. That’s a long time to be hair-free! It’s a quick and convenient option that actually works and will give you so much peace of mind when it comes to your body hair and dealing with it. You will really enjoy the fact that you can use it at home and not have to schedule appointments to get this treatment done.

In Conclusion

Back hair is a common and normal occurrence, and unfortunately, both men and women have to deal with it. Even though it can be frustrating to deal with, you do have lots of options for getting rid of it. Your best option is IPL hair removal, which will help to permanently stunt the growth of your body hair. KENZZI makes an at-home device that is effective and easy to use. 


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