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Collection: KENZZI IPL PRO+ Series

The IPL Pro+ Series

KENZZI IPL Pro+ Series Key Features Overview:

  • Personalized Skincare Immersion: The series redefines at-home skincare with a focus on personalized experiences.
  • Ultra Fast Flash Technology: Groundbreaking KENZZI technology ensures precise and rapid flashes for efficient treatments.
  • Innovative Glide Mode: An enhanced feature adds a personalized touch, making each skincare session swift and comprehensive.
  • Whisper-Quiet Technology: Prioritizes user comfort, providing a serene session for various treatments.

Unique Features of Multi Pro+:

  • Acne and Age Spot Reduction: In addition to hair removal, Multi Pro+ offers targeted treatments for acne and age spot reduction.
  • Tranquil Skincare Experience: A commitment to tranquility transforms the routine into a personalized, luxurious experience.

Digital Display in the Pro+ Series:

  • Precision and Control: The digital display enhances precision, allowing users to tailor treatments for individual needs.
  • Versatile Treatment Options: Users can focus on hair removal with Pro+ or utilize Multi Pro+ for a comprehensive skincare routine, including age spot reduction, acne treatment, and hair removal.

Essence of the KENZZI IPL Pro+ Series:

  • Harmonized Technologies: The series seamlessly combines cutting-edge technologies with a personalized touch.
  • Unified Platform: Offers a unified platform catering to diverse skincare needs, ensuring a uniquely comfortable and tailored at-home beauty experience.
  • Personalized Precision: The emphasis on precision and control, especially through the digital display, allows users to tailor hair removal treatments according to their individual needs, ensuring optimal results.

Your Personalized Skincare Revolution

KENZZI IPL Pro+ Multi: Versatile Beauty Companion - Redefine your skincare routine with the KENZZI IPL Pro+ Multi. This multi-functional device goes beyond traditional hair removal, offering age spot reduction, hair removal, and acne treatment. Experience the power of Ultra Fast Glide Mode, Quiet Whisper Technology, and an extraordinary one million flashes for an all-encompassing at-home skincare solution. The digital display ensures precision, giving you the control to personalize your skincare routine for flawless results.

KENZZI IPL Pro+: Hair-Free Confidence - Introducing the KENZZI IPL Pro+, a specialized device crafted for efficient hair removal. With Ultra Fast Glide Mode, Quiet Whisper Technology, and an extraordinary one million flashes, this unit prioritizes comfort and delivers outstanding results in hair reduction. The digital display enhances precision, offering a seamless and tailored at-home hair removal experience. Join the future of personalized beauty with the KENZZI IPL Pro+ in the Pro series, where advanced technology meets luxury seamlessly.

Multi Pro+ Advantage

Unlock the advanced age spot and acne reduction capabilities of the KENZZI Pro+ Multi. With meticulous precision, this IPL hair removal handset's tuned lenses target wavelengths to efficiently eliminate age spots and combat breakouts. Integrate the KENZZI Pro+ Multi into your routine just twice a week over a 12-week span for extraordinary results. Embrace the unparalleled power of this technology as it revitalizes your skin, effectively diminishing age-related blemishes and reducing the chances of breakouts. The KENZZI Pro+ Multi leaves your skin not only hair-free but also with a more youthful, radiant glow, elevating your entire skincare routine.