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KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask

Elevate Your Beauty Routine with the KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask:

Discover the Targeted Benefits of Each Light Therapy Mode:

  • Reverse Aging and finelines: Our Red light function penetrates the skin's surface, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for skin firmness and elasticity. It helps in reducing inflammation, promoting healing, and improving overall skin texture. Additionally, red light therapy can diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, resulting in a more youthful-looking complexion.
  • Reduce Acne and oily skin: The Blue light function help balance oil levels, combat acne-causing bacteria, and promote less acne break outs. 
  • Enhance your complexion, combat age spots, and reduce rednessInfrared light  function has deeper penetration capabilities, reaching the deeper layers of the skin. It aids in increasing blood circulation, which can promote healing and rejuvenation. Infrared light therapy is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and improve overall skin tone.
  • All in one Skincare Device:  With our Dual light Functionality, KENZZI provides a comprehensive skincare solution, targeting acne,redness and signs of aging.

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Use Three to five times for, 10-minute treatments per week for 4-6 weeks followed by maintenance as desired.


The KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask is FDA cleared.


Witness improvements in just 2-4 weeks with the KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask.

Just 10 minutes of use, 3 to 5 times a week, diminish fine lines, even out texture, and reduce pigmentation imperfections for radiant, flawless skin.

4-in-1 Light Therapy at Home:

Experience the remarkable benefits of the KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask.

  • Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production, reducing inflammation and diminishing fine lines for a youthful complexion.
  • Blue light balances oil levels and fights acne.
  • Infrared light rejuvenates deep skin layers, promoting healing and relaxation.
  • With a comprehensive approach, the Dual light function addresses inflammation and aging signs, unveiling rejuvenated, radiant skin.

Tired of endless skincare products and costly dermatologist visits?

Say hello to the KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask!

Revolutionize your skincare routine with this gentle, effective solution suitable for all skin tones.

Say goodbye to hassle and hello to glowing, healthy skin in at less than 20% of your annual skincare cost.

A Seamless Addition to Your Routine:

For optimal results, we suggest three to five 10-minute sessions per week for four to six weeks, with maintenance as needed.

  1. Charge your controller and connect it to the device.
  2. Prep your skin.
  3. Secure the device to your head using the adjustable straps.
  4. Initiate the 10-minute treatment.
  5. After treatment, remove the mask and apply moisturizer to your skin.
  6. Gently wipe down the mask for proper maintenance.

Reverse Aging

In as little as 3-4 weeks, with just 3 treatments per week lasting 10 minutes each, the Redlight function stimulates collagen production, visibly reducing fine lines and reversing signs of aging.

Unlock the secret to a luminous complexion with KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask.

Fight Acne with Ease

Within 6 weeks, utilizing the blue light function for 3 treatments per week of 10 minutes each, witness a noticeable improvement in acne breakouts. Blue light therapy targets acne-causing bacteria, diminishing inflammation during breakouts.

Achieve Healthy, Glowing, Youthful Skin

Embrace the Dual Light function for 4 weeks, engaging in sessions 3-5 times per week. Experience reduced inflammation, reversed aging effects, and rejuvenated, radiant skin.

Rejuvenate more than just your face.

Achieving radiant skin isn't just about focusing on your face – your neck and chest deserves attention too! Despite diligent skincare for your face, the delicate skin on your neck and chest, can often betray signs of aging due to its thinner nature, increased sun exposure, and faster collagen breakdown.

Add in the LED Light Therapy Neck attachment to rejuvenate collagen, fight fine lines, and reduce age spots, restoring a youthful appearance to your neck and chest.

Smoother, firmer, and radiant skin beyond your jawline!

What makes the KENZZI LED Light Therapy Mask different?

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Misty S.
United States United States

My kid is Ecstatic

My daughter is raving about it. It was a christmas gift and I think I really scored a big one this year. :)