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IPL Pro+ Hair Removal Handset

  • Personalized Beauty Care: Tailor your treatments to your unique needs, thanks to the KENZZI Pro+ advanced features, allowing for a personalized and effective beauty regimen
  • Hair Free Confidence: Visible hair removal in three weeks
  • Painless & Quick: 9-minute hassle-free sessions
  • Versatile Use: use on any body part
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: Ultra Fast Flash Technology, Glide Mode, and Quiet Whisper Technology
  • 1 Million Flashes: Benefit from extended use with 1 million flashes, ensuring a lasting and cost-effective solution
  • Digital Display Convenience: Enhanced with a fully digital display, providing user-friendly control and monitoring options


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How It Works

Disrupting Hair Regrowth in 12 weeks.
Our advanced IPL technology focuses on melanin in your hair follicles, disrupting their growth cycle. This light-based treatment damages the hair root, progressively preventing future regrowth. Our recommended schedule involves one treatment per week for 12 weeks, with noticeable results typically visible within the initial 3 weeks. Achieve permanent hair removal in as little as 12 weeks with this effective approach

As Seen In

Personalized Beauty: Cutting-Edge IPL with Digital Precision

Unleash the future of personalized hair removal with the KENZZI IPL Pro+ Handset.

  • One Million Flashes and Digital Display:
    Boasts an extraordinary one million flashes and an innovative digital display for precision and control.
  • All-in-One Hair Removal Solution:
    Redefines your at-home grooming experience as an all-in-one solution.
  • Ultra Fast Glide Mode and Quiet Whisper Technology:
    Experience the added benefits of Ultra Fast Glide Mode and Quiet Whisper Technology for outstanding results prioritizing comfort.
  • Confidence in Flawlessly Smooth Skin:
    Elevate your confidence with flawlessly smooth skin at your fingertips.
  • Evolution of At-Home Hair Removal:
    No more tedious routines or salon visits – experience the evolution of at-home hair removal with KENZZI.
KENZZI IPL Multi+ Handset - Kenzzi

Effortless Hair Reduction

Experience the scientific precision of the KENZZI Pro+, an extraordinary at-home hair removal device that delivers transformative hair removal results.

  • Kenzzi Pro+: Your at-home hair removal solution with a 12-week journey for gradual, noticeable results.
  • Within 2-3 weeks, observe finer hair regrowth and patchier areas in treated regions.
  • 4-8 weeks: Kenzzi Pro+ utilizes advanced IPL technology to disrupt hair follicles, resulting in sparser and lighter hair.
  • Achieve full hair reduction by the 12-week mark with the Kenzzi Pro+.
  • Enjoy the convenience and confidence of Kenzzi Pro+ on your path to smoother, hair-free skin.

Silent Efficiency & Ultra Fast Glide Innovation

  • Glide Mode:
    Innovative feature enabling automatic flashes for seamless and efficient hair removal, accelerating the treatment process.
  • Ultra Fast Flash:
    High-speed flash system designed for swift and efficient hair removal, reducing overall treatment time.
  • Quiet Whisper:
    Innovative noise reduction technology ensures a quiet and comfortable user experience during hair removal sessions.
  • Digital Display:
    User-friendly interface providing precise control and real-time information, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • 1 Million Flashes:
    High-capacity flash system for extended usage and prolonged device lifespan, a significant advancement in effectiveness.

Safe and Proven Hair Removal

  • Avant-Garde Convenience and Effectiveness:
    The KENZZI Pro+ Handset transcends conventional norms by seamlessly blending convenience and effectiveness with an avant-garde touch.
  • FDA-Cleared Class II Designation:
    Proudly holds an FDA-cleared Class II designation, a testament to its unparalleled commitment to safety and quality.
  • Adherence to Rigorous Standards:
    This prestigious certification underscores the KENZZI Pro+ Handset's adherence to rigorous standards, ensuring both innovative design and peak performance.
  • Beacon of Excellence:
    Entrust your hair removal journey to a device that stands as a beacon of excellence.
  • Enduring Results and Peace of Mind:
    Delivers enduring results while providing the peace of mind that comes with meeting the highest regulatory benchmarks for safety and efficacy.

Three Sensitivity Modes for Pain-Free Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KENZZI IPL Pro+ Handset safe for all hair and skin types?

IPL treatment primarily targets melanin in the hair for effective results, which means that very light blonde, red, or grey hair may not respond well to IPL. The suitability of IPL also varies based on skin tones. For the KENZZI Pro+, it is most effective for individuals with fair to warm tan skin tones. If you fall within the warm tan category, we recommend beginning at Intensity level 1 and conducting a patch test before your treatment. Regardless of your skin type, we recommend starting at Intensity level 1 and always performing a patch test when changing intensity levels. Your safety and comfort are our priorities.

How often do I need to use my KENZZI Pro+?

We recommend using your handset once a week for 12 weeks. Most customers begin to notice a reduction of hair after just 3-4 treatments, with complete results after 12 treatments.

What is the difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

The main difference between IPL and laser is the type of light used. IPL or intense pulsed light, is a broadband pulsed light, whereas laser is a single monochromatic light source. IPL and laser technologies both target the melanin in the hair follicle and you can expect permanent results from both. Energy, frequency and hair color are all determining factors in the efficacy of the treatment, while the light source, whether it is a laser or an intense pulsed flash light plays a minor role.

Is the treatment painful?

Unlike laser hair removal, IPL or intense pulsed light hair removal is generally considered to be much safer and less painful. This is because IPL uses a multi-spectrum bulb vs a single-wavelength laser. You may feel a slight tingle in sensitive areas during treatment, but it should not be painful.

What is the function of the different attachments?

The KENZZI Pro+ Multi IPL Handset comes with three attachments that are added to the device for different self care treatments.

Anti Acne Lens: Reduces Acne by destroying the bacteria causing Acne.

Age Spot and Skin Rejuvenating Lens: Helps to stimulate the production of new collagen, to help  improve skin texture, color and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Hair Removal Handset: Helps remove unwanted hair from any part of the body by effectively targeting the roots of the hair follicle to reduce hair growth.