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What Happens if You Don't Shave Before Laser Hair Removal? - Kenzzi

What Happens if You Don't Shave Before Laser Hair Removal?

Picture this: you haven't shaved in weeks, and yet your legs are as deliciously smooth as they were a month ago. There's not a single ingrown hair or razor bump in sight on your bikini line, and when you snuggle up against your partner in the morning, you don't have to worry about prickling them with embarrassing upper lip hair. 

Sounds too good to be true, huh?

Well, we've got some news for you because, with laser hair removal, this could be your life! No more hair growth means no more waxing, no more shaving, no more tweezing - just flawless, hair-free skin all year round. 

Laser hair removal can be a little intimidating for some, but it's a safe and effective way to bypass sticky shaving cream, dull razors, and messy wax strips. 

Maybe you've looked into laser hair removal before, or this is your first rodeo - whatever the case, you are here to learn more about kicking unwanted body hair to the curb to uncover your silky-smooth skin. How does laser hair removal work? What are the benefits? What happens if you don't shave before treatment? If you find yourself asking these questions, then sit back, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading - here is everything you need to know about laser hair removal. 

Let's dive in, shall we?

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal works by emitting pulses of highly-concentrated light directly into your hair follicles. The pigment melanin - found at the base of the hair follicle - absorbs the heat from the light of the laser, which then destroys the hair.

Some of the best advantages that are associated with laser hair removal include:

Minimal side effects. There are only a few minor side effects of laser hair removal, such as a little bit of swelling and tenderness following treatment. However, ice and over-the-counter pain meds like Advil can help to easily mitigate these effects.

Cost-effective. How much cash do you think you've dropped on razors and shaving cream in your lifetime? What about wax strips? Tweezers? And then what about salon services like sugaring to help temporarily remove facial hair? 

Sure, the cost of laser hair removal may sound a little pricey upfront, but think big picture and how much you would save in the long run compared to other hair removal methods. What if you never had to pay for a shaving tool ever again? Let that sink in for a minute.

No ingrown hairs. "I love ingrown hairs!" - said no one ever. You get ingrown hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface, causing an extremely painful and irritating pus-filled bump. There are a handful of reasons why these little nuisances grace us with their presence from time to time, but one of the main reasons is because sometimes, after shaving or waxing, dead skin can clog a hair follicle. This causes the hair to grow the wrong way rather than up and out, leaving behind an itchy and swollen bump. 

With laser hair removal, you can finally bid those woes goodbye! The laser targets hair directly from the root, and in the process, also prevents ingrown hair from cropping up. In addition, laser hair removal also means you won't ever have to worry about razor bruises or burns from hot wax, ever again. Can we get a Hallelujah!

Laser hair removal leaves your skin softer than before. Have you ever shaved your legs in hopes of having baby-soft skin but instead got prickly stubble in as little as two days after shaving? With laser hair removal, there is absolutely no stubble or stray hairs that are left behind following the completion of your treatment series. This means you can have perfectly soft skin all year round!

In some cases, a little bit of hair will grow back following laser hair removal. However, this hair is thinner and softer than before, so you don't ever have to feel upset about thick hair that leaves your body feeling rough.

Lasting results. The effects of laser hair removal are long-lasting. Hair can take weeks or even months to grow back, and with every subsequent session, you will notice that your hair is much thinner and sparser than before. Eventually, you'll find that you're practically hairless - which is the ultimate goal when seeking this kind of treatment.

Ability to shave. A common pet-peeve that is usually the culprit for many throwing in the towel when it comes to their waxing efforts is that you are advised to let your hair grow to a certain extent before being able to schedule another appointment. This means that you have to rock awkward body hair - umm bikini line, anyone? - in between wax sessions. For those that can't stand face and body hair, laser hair removal treatment poses as an excellent alternative to waxing. Why may you ask? Simply because shaving is actually recommended and even required prior to each laser session because it prevents the scorching of hair on the surface of your skin - more on this below!

For those that like to remain fuzz-free all throughout the year, laser hair removal is an exceptional choice.

Okay, but what happens if you don't shave before laser hair removal? 

Lasers heat hair to damage the stem cells in the hair follicles to inhibit new growth, but if the hair is too long, the laser can singe your hair and burn your skin. It is extremely important to shave before your laser hair removal session, twenty-four hours before it is recommended. While shaving the day before your appointment is important, shaving immediately before your session is not recommended and can even be dangerous, but why?

When you shave, the razor may lift skin off as it passes over your skin. However, this really depends on how much pressure you use when gliding the razor over your body. This freshly shaved skin will be fragile for a few hours and can be very sensitive to the laser light. 

Top Tips for Shaving Before Your Laser Treatment

  • Immediately after shaving, your skin may become a little dry temporarily, and it could take some time for the oil glands to replenish the oil content in your skin. If your skin is dry when receiving treatment, it may become super itchy and irritated following your laser hair removal session. This reaction is quite uncomfortable and can take a few days to heal. When you shave, be sure to use a good quality shaving foam to help lock moisture in your skin. 
  • When you are shaving, avoid using too much pressure on the razor as this will make your skin very sore and sensitive. If you find yourself having to repeatedly shave over the same areas, it could be time to buy a new razor. Always shave with a clean razor blade to avoid a build-up of bacteria that can result in acne.
  • When you are shaving, be sure to give yourself adequate time in order to do it properly. If you speed through your shaving efforts, you may cause nicks and cuts on your skin that will have to be avoided with the laser during your treatment. 
  • As we mentioned a little earlier, if you don't shave before your appointment, the laser will singe the hair resulting in a burn to your skin. In addition, if the hair hasn't been shaved properly, treatment will not be as effective, and it may result in small temporary grazes on the top layer of your skin. These tend to take a few days or so to completely heal, and it's nothing to really be concerned about, but it's best to just avoid this from happening as they can be a little irritating. 

Any other tips to prepare?

To prepare for your laser hair removal appointment, follow our tips below.

  • Don't apply any oils, moisturizers, or creams to your skin after showering on the day of your session.
  • Gently exfoliate 3 - 4 days before your appointment to help remove any dead skin cells from hanging out around the opening of your hair follicles. 
  • Closely shave the treatment area (well, to-be-treated area) 24 hours before your appointment - not immediately before your session. No plucking or there won't be anything for them to laser away--resist the urge to tweeze! 
  • Stay away from tanning beds and heavy sun exposure 7-10 days before you get lasered.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your laser hair removal appointment. 
  • If it's your first session, relax--you're in the hands of a professional, and getting rid that unwanted hair in your underarms and bikini area is virtually just a zap away!

A Final Word

Everyone has soft and beautiful skin - it's just hiding under unwanted body hair and stubble! If you dream about a silky-smooth glowing complexion without a hair in sight, we highly suggest giving laser hair removal a try. You can always consult with your dermatologist, too, if you have any reservations because of skin type or hair type (sometimes more pigmentation or darker skin doesn't take laser hair removal as well). However, if the thought of zapping your hair follicles with a super-powerful laser makes you a little nervous, The KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset might be more up your alley!

KENZZI is an incredible company making a big splash in the beauty industry for developing the worlds #1 at home IPL handset. Get professional laser hair removal results, all from the comfort of your home. Give KENZZI a try - you will thank us later! 


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