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The Hidden PCOS Symptoms No One Talks About and The Cost Of Chin Electrolysis - Kenzzi

The Hidden PCOS Symptoms No One Talks About and The Cost Of Chin Electrolysis

Most of us struggle with our insecurities, and unwanted body hair is an understandable cause of insecurity for people all over the world.  Not only can excess body hair be difficult to deal with, annoying, and painful, it can also cause image issues, especially when it pops up on your face.  If you struggle with a constant battle with chin hair, no doubt you’re looking for ways to remove it in a cost-effective way.

We’re here for you and want to help, so let’s explore electrolysis as a viable and cost-effective option for chin hair removal, learn why it’s effective, and try to figure out if it fits within your lifestyle!

What Is Electrolysis, Anyway?

No doubt, before you try something new when it comes to your personal care and personal hygiene routine, you want to understand what you’re getting yourself into.  We get it! If you aren’t familiar with the process of electrolysis, that’s what this article is for.  

In short, electrolysis is a hair removal process that involves a very fine probe and some tweezers.  Essentially, the probe is inserted at the base of the hair follicle by an electrologist, and the hair is given a small electric pulse that stops its growth.  Then, the now partially removed hair is extracted with the tweezers, and this process is repeated over and over again until all the excess or unwanted hair is gone.  

Electrolysis is quite a process, and to achieve the full desired results, you will most likely have to undergo several sessions.  While there appear to be no long-term side effects, there are some temporary side effects including temporary pain from the electric current, slight reddening, or some mild irritation that will disappear within a few days.  

How Does Electrolysis Differ From Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re exploring options for hair removal, you have no doubt also heard about laser hair removal, and you’re probably curious as to how it differs from electrolysis.  Let’s go over some of the similarities and differences between the two methods of chin hair removal.

  1. Laser hair removal is a completely different process, even if it has a similar outcome.  While electrolysis involves an electric current being injected directly into the follicle of the hair, laser hair removal delivers the energy via a laser beam rather than an electric pulse.  Rather than stunting or completely stopping growth, the laser absorbs the melanin in your hair follicles to keep them from growing back.  
  2. A similarity is that both electrolysis and laser hair removal will require multiple sessions to achieve the desired result.  You are, in effect, “training” your hair follicles to no longer grow in unwanted places, so it will take some time and effort!
  3. A big difference between the two is that laser hair removal rarely works on people with very light hair.  This is because laser hair removal targets melanin, and so if your hair follicles and hair shafts do not have much melanin, the laser treatment will be largely ineffective.  The darker your hair, the more success you will have with laser hair removal.  
  4. A good point to keep in mind is that chin hair and facial hair, in general, tend to be somewhat lighter than the hair on the rest of your body (especially compared to the hair on your head), so laser chin hair removal might not always be as effective.  Make sure you consult a professional before making your decision!

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

When comparing two different kinds of chin hair removal treatments, it is important to keep in mind that both will have pros and cons.  This is definitely the case when comparing laser hair removal and electrolysis, so let’s take a second to explore some of the downsides of laser hair removal.

One of the rare but definitely frustrating side effects of laser hair removal is that it can actually (in very rare cases) stimulate more growth rather than stunting current growth, so keep an eye out for that if you choose to stick with laser hair removal.  Also, after electrolysis, you can immediately return to the gym or the sauna, but with laser hair removal, it is recommended that you wait at least twenty-four hours before sweating much at all.  

Some people also experience heightened levels of discomfort or irritation on the surface of their skin when choosing laser hair removal over electrolysis, as well as on rare occasions, slight pigmentation changes.  

Just make sure that if you end up choosing professional chin hair removal that you also do your research and choose a reputable laser specialist or electrologist.  Someone who knows what they’re doing will always do a much better job!

Benefits of Electrolysis Chin Hair Removal

Many people question whether or not they can even get their chin hair removed with electrolysis because of the sensitive nature of the skin on that part of the body.  However, electrolysis is safe for chin and facial hair removal.  While laser hair removal is usually considered less painful, electrolysis is still safe as a procedure for removing chin hair.  Because of the precision of the probe, electrolysis is safe for the most sensitive areas of the body, and according to the FDA, electrolysis is really the only method for permanent hair removal.  

Downsides to Electrolysis

One of the main downsides to electrolysis is the length of time that you will have to set aside for treatment.  The treatments themselves do not typically take an absurd amount of time, but the process of full hair removal on really any part of the body can take between 12 and 20 months.  This can be a long time to wait for hair removal, but keep in mind that really any process for permanent hair removal will take time.  

Another downside is that there are times where electrolysis is not very cost-effective.  While it certainly can be for certain areas of the body, some electrolysis sessions can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, and when you’re looking at monthly sessions for over a year, that really adds up over time!  

Most insurance companies and policies will not cover electrolysis, as it is typically deemed an optional cosmetic procedure rather than a necessary medical procedure.  Therefore, you’re going to be paying almost every dollar completely out of pocket.  Just keep all this in mind if you decide on electrolysis for chin hair removal.

Are There Cost-Effective Alternatives?

Absolutely! The search for cost-effective chin hair removal is not completely hopeless, thanks to a new technology that combines some of the best of both worlds from electrolysis and laser hair removal: Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL hair removal treatment.

IPL is becoming an extremely popular, cost-effective way to remove unwanted body hair and facial hair, and one of the most important things that it has going for it is that you can perform it at home yourself, thanks to a device from KENZZI called the IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.  

If you want to remove unwanted chin hair with ease, with no razor burn and no ingrown hairs, from the comfort of your own home, then you absolutely need to check out this new technology.  

Benefits of IPL

One of the biggest upsides to IPL is the fact that it is extremely cost-effective.  The KENZZI device only requires a one-time payment rather than monthly treatments, so in the long run, you end up saving hundreds of dollars.

Another reason to look into IPL is that you don’t need an electrologist, you can perform the treatment from your own home, and IPL doesn’t hurt as much as laser hair removal or electrolysis would!  In addition, IPL is safe for the most sensitive parts of your skin and can also be done on larger areas of your skin, making it perfect for larger areas of hair growth on the skin of your lower face, chin, and jawline areas.  

There is no minimum hair length requirement to perform IPL, whereas with traditional methods of temporary hair removal like waxing, your hair has to be grown out to a minimum of a quarter of an inch.  In short, IPL is the best of both worlds, and KENZZI’s IPL hair removal tool is the perfect choice for chin hair removal.

In Summary

If you are still on the fence about which hair removal treatment option is best for you, consult a professional or a dermatologist before making your decision or check out all the positive reviews about KENZZI’s IPL device.  

After reaching the end of this article, you should feel more comfortable about making a choice to try something new, something revolutionary, and something cost-effective like the IPL hair removal tool from KENZZI.  Your hair can be removed in as little as 3 or 4 weekly treatments, with a recommended maximum of 12, compared to 12-20 months worth of treatments with electrolysis or laser hair removal.  


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