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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? - Kenzzi

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

"I love ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and stubble!" said no one ever. Unless body hair is your thing, dealing with it can be extremely frustrating. If you're sick and tired of messing with dull razors, sticky wax strips, and smelly depilatory creams, it might be time to look into laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal - otherwise known as photothermolysis - is a process in which a powerful beam of light emitted from a laser removes unwanted hairs from your face and body. People who opt for this popular cosmetic treatment want a more permanent solution to getting rid of undesirable hair as other methods such as shaving and waxing don't typically give long-lasting results. After several laser hair removal treatments, you'll never have to worry about those pesky unwanted hairs ever again!

This simple solution to unwanted hair growth has been around for quite some time now and is only getting better as technology becomes more advanced. Even though this method is used all over the globe, there are still many people who have questions about it - one of the primary concerns being whether the procedure is safe. 

Below you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about this increasingly popular hair removal method and its safety.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment in which concentrated beams of laser light target the pigment melanin in a hair follicle. The pigment absorbs the light, causing the follicle itself to become damaged. This damage inhibits the hair's ability to grow back, preventing future hair growth. 

Treatment for laser hair removal can be done on any area of the face or body, excluding the eyes and surrounding areas. The most popular areas for treatment include:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

A lot of people wonder: does laser hair removal have any negative side effects?

According to the majority of people who've tried it, the procedure is completely safe and doesn't pose any long term risks. However, a few side effects have been recorded. While some are more common and completely normal for most people, others are less usual, a bit more harmful, and can be long-lasting if the issue isn't resolved immediately.

More Common Side Effects

Redness and irritation. Since laser hair removal works by damaging the follicles of targeted hairs, redness and irritation tend to be a common occurrence. However, these minimal symptoms are very short-lived, resembling the effects that waxing or tweezing have on the skin. 

Crusting. Some people have reported crusting, scarring, or scabbing in the laser-affected area following treatment. This issue is solved easily by using a good moisturizer free of harsh chemicals on the crusted area. Even though the issue can be pretty annoying, to say the least, it's easily dealt with. 

Change in skin pigmentation. Following a laser hair removal treatment, some people may experience some pigmentation changes in their skin. People with lighter skin tones may experience darker pigmentation changes while people with darker skin tones may experience lighter pigmentation changes. This is only temporary, and after some time, the skin will return to its natural pigmentation. 

Eye injury. Since laser hair removal treatment is done with the use of strong, powerful lasers, the risk of eye injury exists. This is especially true if you're getting treatment done on your face like your upper lip. That's why it's important that both the technician and the person getting the treatment done wear protective eye gear. 

Skin infection. There is a slight chance that an infection could occur while damaging the hair follicles. If this happens, the affected person should report to a dermatologist and treat the infection with over-the-counter antibiotics. 

These side effects may make you feel uncomfortable, but the good news is that they are all easily treated and short-lived. If you take the necessary precautions and treat your skin as advised, the chance of any issues is very slim!

Rare Side Effects

Scarring. Scarring is a rare side effect that doesn't occur because of the procedure itself, but instead because of a mistake the technician might have made during it. Scarring may also happen if people don't take care of their skin properly following treatment.

Blisters and burns. Since treatment is performed with the use of high-heat lasers, there's a possibility that burns and blisters could appear on your skin. However, these side effects can be prevented by avoiding underqualified and inexperienced laser technicians.

Although these painful side effects are possible, there are steps to avoid them. Most importantly, you need to do a fair amount of research prior to booking your appointment and choosing the right laser specialist to perform the procedure. Inexperienced or careless laser technicians can do more harm than good, so be very careful about who you put your trust in. Also, if you do happen to experience any of these side effects for a long period of time, be sure to visit a dermatologist. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? 

Most people who get rid of undesirable hair by using a laser say that the process isn't any more painful than other common hair removal methods like waxing. Although it is not completely pain-free, the right laser specialist will do everything to make your experience more enjoyable. This includes using specially formulated lotions or gels to ease the pain, using a cool-air fan which is often built into the laser itself, or even by simply adjusting the settings of the laser. If something is bothering you or does not feel right, don't be scared to speak up and let your laser technician know because the problem might be easily solvable. 

Okay, So is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

This is the ultimate question for those considering treatment, and the short answer is - yes. Laser hair removal is safe, and as laser technology keeps advancing, there really aren't too many things to worry about. 

To make sure you are completely safe, though, always be sure to research the clinic and the staff before booking an appointment. Most side effects are due to the negligence of the laser technician, so it is important to check that the clinic is fully licensed and that the practitioners working there are fully qualified and experienced. 

What About At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices?

As we mentioned, laser technology has come a long way. In fact, it has come along so much that there are now at-home laser hair removal devices to zap unwanted hair from the comfort of your very own home. 

If you decide to go this route for all of your unwanted body hair needs, be sure to purchase from a great company like KENZZI that has a true passion for proving a way to safely and effectively remove undesirable hair. 

The KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset has been designed to deliver safe results in as little as 3-4 weeks and has five different power settings making it great for those with sensitive skin. 

In Conclusion

Is laser hair removal safe, you ask? YES. Laser hair removal treatment is an extremely safe cosmetic procedure to effectively zap unwanted hair. There are some common side effects like shaving and waxing, but they tend to go away after a day or two. Some of the more uncommon side effects like laser burns and scarring can happen too, but these typically happen due to an inexperienced or unqualified laser technician. Always be sure to do your research when picking a specialist for your procedure. 


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