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How To Combat Common Skin Conditions Using Microdermabrasion - Kenzzi

How To Combat Common Skin Conditions Using Microdermabrasion

Skin problems are a struggle that most people face at some point in their lives. Everyone has different issues as a result of genetics or decisions they made. Whether it’s sunspots, acne scars, or something else entirely, microdermabrasion treatments can help with your dermatology issues. Let’s talk about how it can benefit you. 

All About Microdermabrasion

You might have heard about this procedure from a dermatologist or a skincare enthusiast. If you aren’t exactly sure what microdermabrasion is, don’t worry, we’re here to help. It’s a skin treatment used to renew skin tone and texture through exfoliation. It uses an abrasive surface to get rid of the topmost skin layer, called the epidermis. 

This is usually done using either a crystal-emitting handpiece or a diamond-tip handpiece. Both of these types of microdermabrasion are done by professionals. There are many spas and clinics that offer this service, but it is also available in at-home treatments. As useful as it is, it won't solve serious skin diseases or skin disorders, so be wary if you have psoriasis, skin cancer, or contact dermatitis, and in these cases, seek medical advice for treatment options. 

If microdermabrasion sounds like something that could help your skin condition, there are a lot of factors to consider before starting treatments. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • How many treatments will you need?
  • How much will each treatment cost you?
  • Which doctor in your area performs the best treatments?

All of these questions will vary from person to person, and after examining the costs, you might decide that professional treatments from a doctor aren’t worth the time or money. The average cost per session is about $137 but could be higher or lower in your area. 

Who Should Consider Getting Microdermabrasion?

Anyone looking to improve the evenness of their skin tone would benefit from microdermabrasion. If you have a dull complexion or uneven skin texture, this treatment will improve your face’s overall appearance. Those looking for a beneficial skin treatment with little to no side effects or downtime should consider microdermabrasion. 

It is especially useful for people with skin conditions like pimples. People who struggle with leftover acne scars and sunspots will be extremely happy with the results of microdermabrasion.  It can also help with the scaly patches of skin that are sometimes leftover from eczema. Usually, people who receive this treatment are between the ages of 12-65. There is no age maximum, but if you are older than 70, there is an increased risk of skin bruising. 

How Often Can You Get Treatments?

You can get these treatments done weekly or up to eight weeks apart. This will depend on your skin’s specific sensitivity and tolerance to the equipment. When people are first starting microdermabrasion, they tend to go in for weekly appointments and then switch to monthly later on. 

The human skin regenerates skin every 30 days, which is why this treatment must be repeated to be effective. To see a significant improvement, you may need between 6-12 sessions. The number of sessions that you choose will depend on what you are targeting. 

What To Expect

Before the treatment begins, you will most likely be given eye protection. Next, the doctor will make sure all of the makeup and oils have been removed from your face. Your skin will be pulled a little bit to create some tension for the vacuum. The vacuum used in the treatment will be moved over the skin in smooth passes about two times per area. 

Afterward, your skin may be mildly pink, but this should go away in a few hours. Your skin may exfoliate a little bit on its own, which is normal. If this happens, you can apply some moisturizer to the affected area. The sensation on your skin might feel similar to a mild sunburn. Your sensitivity to the sun may be increased after treatment, so apply more sunscreen than you normally would.

Over time, your skin will become visibly softer and smoother. This procedure stimulates collagen production, which makes the skin younger looking and more elastic. As for reducing the look of specific skin conditions, each one is different and has to be approached as such. 

Skin Conditions And Their Treatment Using Microdermabrasion

There are a lot of skin conditions that can be improved using microdermabrasion. Here are a few examples. Honorable mentions include help with rosacea, dry skin, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic skin, and leftover scarring from shingles and chickenpox. 

Acne scars

Acne scars are formed when a breakout damages the tissue underneath your skin even after the red bumps go away. There are a few different types of acne scars. Atrophic scars are the most common and are identified as scars that sit below the surface of the skin around it. This is a result of not enough collagen production. 

One of the most effective ways to treat acne scars is with microdermabrasion. It’s best for scars that are close to the surface of your skin, but it can also reduce the look of deeper scars. 

Age spots

Age spots are small, flat, and dark areas on the skin. They appear in different sizes and are common on the face, hands, and arms. They are also called liver spots and sunspots. A lot of people over 50 get age spots, but younger people can get them too. 

Adults with lighter skin tend to get age spots. These spots don’t require any medical attention unless they change in size or turn black. This could be a sign of melanoma and could be life-threatening. 

Microdermabrasion can help people with age spots by exfoliating the top layer of skin. The skin that grows back will be smoother and more even. After a couple of treatments, some of your age spots might not be visible at all. 


Melasma is another common skin condition that causes dark patches on the skin. It’s more common for women than men, but men can get it as well. When it occurs on the face, it is usually symmetrical and will appear on the cheeks, forehead, or chin. 

People with a sensitivity to estrogen and progesterone are more likely to have this condition. It is also more common for people with darker skin to get melasma. Microdermabrasion can strip away the top layers of skin to help lighten these patches. 

Microdermabrasion Vs. Dermabrasion

It might be confusing to hear both of these terms, so we’re here to clear that up. Dermabrasion has different risks and results associated with it than microdermabrasion. This procedure is much more invasive and sometimes requires general anesthesia. It also may take up to two hours and requires 10-14 days of recovery. 

Dermabrasion uses a device to peel away layers of your skin using a rotating wheel and wire brushes. This is a much more intense version of resurfacing that may be required for more serious skin conditions. The results of dermabrasion are more dramatic than those of microdermabrasion. 

Side Effects

The side effects of this procedure are mild and won’t require any downtime. You might experience some swelling and redness directly after the treatment. This usually goes away within a few hours. Your skin could also feel a little bit more tender after a session, and you might want to be careful with any topical lotions or products that you're applying to the skin, as it might be an irritant. Some patients describe this feeling as a mild sunburn. Occasionally, you might develop bruises where tiny blood vessels popped. 

Microdermabrasion At Home

If you want a way to treat your skin condition without making an expensive appointment with a doctor, then try KENZZI’s at-home alternative. Our Microdermabrasion Handset is a one-time cost that will last you for years. It comes with five replacement filters and three tip attachments for easy usage. 

We use medical-grade diamond-encrusted heads to exfoliate your skin and suction the dead skin away. This leads to fewer breakouts and clogged pores, resulting in healthier skin overall. The KENZZI Handset is ideal for people with sensitive skin. It does precisely what a dermatologist’s equipment does for a fraction of the cost. 

The best part is that you can use your handset whenever you need to. There are no wait times and no commuting to doctor’s offices. It’s also more hygienic because it’s your handset. We all know that right now, the fewer bacteria spread, the better. 

You can make the KENZZI Handset a part of your weekly skin routine to improve your skin’s texture and tone. An even complexion has never been easier to achieve than with your very own system designed to produce more beautiful skin. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you struggle with acne scars, sun spots, or melasma, microdermabrasion can help you. We know how frustrating skin imperfections can be. They can make us want to hide away and never be seen in public again. Get your confidence back with KENZZI’s help! Beautiful skin means a more beautiful you. Don’t let your skin condition define you. Take back control of your life and your skin. Start living again!


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