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Beware of Cheap Laser Hair Removal - Kenzzi

Beware of Cheap Laser Hair Removal

Sometimes we want to take the easy way out. We buy things that are on sale, and we wait until the last possible minute to get things done. However, this can come at a cost for things like hair removal. 

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, you may want to reconsider going to that bargain shop that offers laser hair removal. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a more permanent solution to getting rid of body hair. It is a treatment done by medical professionals using a laser beam. There are pulses of concentrated light that penetrate the hair follicle and destroy them. After about three to six sessions of this, depending on your hair type, you should see results. 

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. It has increased in popularity by about 30% since 2013. Technology is always advancing, giving us new ways to do things. The way laser hair removal is done today in 2020, is a lot different from how it was done ten years ago. 

People have popularized this method of hair removal because shaving and waxing your body can become exhausting after a while. Anyone who shaves knows exactly what we mean by this. It takes precious time out of your day that you could use for other, more important things. 

Removing body hair is by no means necessary for anyone, but a lot of people prefer it. Whether it's for hygiene or aesthetics, it's a personal choice and should be respected either way. Body hair has a purpose from an evolutionary standpoint. Thousands of years ago, it protected us from predators and helped keep us warm. 

Hair needs to be removed at a specific stage of its growth. Your hair grows in three stages. The first stage is called the anagen phase. This is where the hair is growing and is connected to the papilla. Your hair can sometimes stay in this stage of growth for months at a time. This is part of the reason that laser hair removal requires multiple sessions. 

If done right, there is nearly no recovery time required for laser hair removal. It can be done on any part of your body except near your eyes. If any of your hair does grow back, it will be much lighter and finer than before. 

Even if laser hair removal is done right with all of the correct tools and training, things can still go wrong. This can be due to your skin or hair type reacting with the laser treatment. It can also have a lot to do with how you treat your skin before and after the treatment takes place. 

Going to a salon or someplace that is not a doctor’s office is not recommended because these places do not have board-certified dermatologists. 

Is It Dangerous?

Laser hair removal can be dangerous when it is not performed correctly. If you get your hair removed by someone inexperienced, you may experience side effects. These range from minor skin irritation to major scarring or blistering. Your skin can change in texture and can start to crust (ew). 

These side effects can also occur if you get laser hair removal and you are not a good candidate. Some people’s hair type or color is not compatible with this type of treatment. Laser hair removal works best on people with dark and coarse hair. 

Your skin can also change in pigment after getting laser hair removal. The skin could either lighten or darken, and it could be temporary or permanent. This can happen especially if you go out in the sun right before your session. You should try to avoid the sun for about a week before getting laser hair removal. You should also avoid taking a shower immediately after getting the hair removed. 

If you are thinking about getting laser hair removal, you need to do your research. Not every option is safe for you. 

Before getting laser hair removal, your doctor might apply a numbing cream to help reduce the pain. If you do experience swelling after the procedure, you can apply a cold compress to the area to help. You can also talk to the doctor about OTC medication to help manage your pain. 

Anything Cheap Can Be Dangerous

We know this is kind of an obvious point, but it’s true. Even if you are looking for a way to save money on removing your hair, it is not worth it to potentially scar yourself for life. 

One of the reasons that a place may offer a deceivingly cheap deal is because they are using cheap equipment. This means the laser that they are using on you could be faulty or malfunction during use. This is not safe and is against many regulations. 

Laser hair removal cannot be performed by just anyone. It is a professional level treatment that can only be done by someone who has been trained to do so. 

It is better not to waste your money on hair removal that can go wrong and cause long term problems for you. This is a procedure that is not considered necessary, so it will most likely not be covered by insurance. This means you will have to pay out of pocket each time you go. Each session can cost hundreds of dollars if you go to a reputable establishment. 

Other Alternatives For Removing Hair

If you don’t have the money for laser hair removal, there are other options for getting rid of body hair. One of these is using IPL devices. IPL is different from laser hair removal because of the wavelengths it uses to target the follicle. IPL hair removal targets larger areas of skin and converts light energy into heat energy. It’s a painless process that you can easily do at home. 

This gets rid of any fear of a doctor messing up your skin with a laser beam. You can get very similar results to a laser treatment from IPL. The KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset is an affordable way to keep hair at bay. You won’t have to keep returning to the doctor for laser sessions. You can simply remove the hair yourself, on your own schedule. 

Choosing The Best Method For You

Everyone is different, and they have different hair removal needs. You must pick the best choice for you,  whether that be shaving, waxing, laser, or IPL. If you do choose laser hair removal, you should ask around to see what people would suggest.

A factor that could affect your options for hair removal is your hormones. Hormone levels can cause your hair to grow more than usual. If this is the case, you may want to talk to a doctor before getting any of your hair removed with a laser. 

If you have hair that is lighter and not very thick, you might want to consider electrolysis hair removal. This method destroys the growth center of the hair with heat energy using a probe and tweezers. You can get electrolysis done on most parts of your body, and there are not many side effects. 

You can look online for places with good reviews and reputable prices. Don’t let a bargain fool you because it is usually misleading. You know how stores put up big signs that say “FREE,” and when you get up close and read the fine print, it says, “if you buy 100 dollars worth of items, you get a free gift worth 15.” This kind of “gotcha” marketing has become very common amongst brands and businesses around the globe. 

In a world so focused on making money, it can be hard to tell what is real. Here at KENZZI, we believe in fair pricing and honest marketing of our product. That is why we offer a warranty on our IPL handset. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with our product. 

In Summary

Should you be careful when it comes to cheap laser hair removal? Yes. But you should also consider other methods of hair removal that will give you more bang for your buck. IPL is quick and easy to use. They offer permanent results and let you avoid ingrown hair and irritation that comes with it. 

Not having to worry about shaving before an outing can take a huge weight off your shoulders. You can always feel ready to go if you use an IPL hair removing device. 





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