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IPL Pro Hair Removal Handset

Permanently eliminate hair with KENZZI IPL Pro technology.

  • Fast results within 90 days or less.
  • Pain-free light-based technology for comfortable treatments.
  • A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Quick 9-minute treatment sessions for convenience.
  • Versatile use - it works on any body part with hair.
  • Enhanced with a fully digital display for added convenience.


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How It Works

Disrupting Hair Regrowth in 12 weeks.
Our advanced IPL technology focuses on melanin in your hair follicles, disrupting their growth cycle. This light-based treatment damages the hair root, progressively preventing future regrowth. Our recommended schedule involves one treatment per week for 12 weeks, with noticeable results typically visible within the initial 3 weeks. Achieve permanent hair removal in as little as 12 weeks with this effective approach

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12 Weeks to Smooth Skin

Revolutionize your at-home hair removal routine with the KENZZI Pro Handset. Its state-of-the-art digital display makes tracking and customizing your treatments effortless. Within just 2-3 weeks, expect to see finer hair regrowth and patchier areas in treated regions. Over the subsequent 4-8 weeks, the IPL technology works its magic, making your hair sparser and lighter. By the 12-week milestone, you'll usually enjoy complete hair reduction.

KENZZI IPL Pro Hair Removal Handset - Kenzzi

Digital Display + One Million Flashes

With a remarkable one million flashes, the KENZZI Pro Handset guarantees enduring results. Say farewell to unwanted hair and welcome the convenience and effectiveness of this at-home hair removal solution. No more tedious routines or frequent trips to the salon. The KENZZI Pro Handset not only offers remarkable results but also ensures your comfort during treatments. Reclaim your confidence and indulge in the luxury of silky-smooth skin, all from the comfort of your home. Simplify your beauty routine and revel in the freedom of being hair-free.

Safe and Proven Hair Removal

The KENZZI Pro Handset goes beyond convenience and effectiveness—it's also an FDA-cleared Class II device, ensuring safety and quality. This certification signifies that the KENZZI Pro Handset has met rigorous standards for both its design and performance. You can trust that your hair removal journey is in expert hands, providing you with not only long-lasting results but also peace of mind knowing you're using a device that meets the highest regulatory standards for safety and efficacy.

KENZZI IPL Pro Hair Removal Handset - Kenzzi

IPL Pro: Glide & Whisper Quiet Technology

The KENZZI IPL Pro redefines the hair removal experience with its innovative features. Thanks to its glide mode, this device offers quick and effortless treatments. Glide mode allows you to smoothly move the handset across your skin, significantly reducing treatment time while ensuring thorough coverage. Additionally, the IPL Pro is equipped with whisper-quiet technology, ensuring a peaceful and discreet hair removal session. You can enjoy the benefits of silky-smooth skin without the distraction of loud, disruptive noises, making the process not only effective but also comfortably serene.

Madison Miller Pro Review

Embarking on a journey to leave traditional hair removal methods behind? Delve into the realm of KENZZI IPL, widely hailed as the gold standard for hair removal. Madison Miller, among others, has given her resounding endorsement to the revolutionary KENZZI IPL Pro At-Home Hair Removal Handset. This game-changing solution offers an efficient, effective, and enduring answer to your hair removal needs. Bid farewell to the time-consuming, often inconvenient routine of frequent treatments and welcome an exceptional alternative that paves the path to smooth, hair-free skin. Experience why Madison Miller, and many others trust KENZZI IPL for a life liberated from unwanted hair.