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IPL Hair Removal Handset | KENZZI

About the Kenzzi IPL Handset:

Safely remove unwanted hair with KENZZI IPL Handset. KENZZI works everywhere that hair grows, including bikini, Brazilian, underarms, legs, and face. Start seeing results in 3-4 weeks.

•Results in 90 days or less

•Pain-free light-based technology

•90-Day Money Back Guarantee

•Quick 9-Minute Treatments

•Works anywhere That Grows Hair (Yes Anywhere!)

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Whats Included?

KENZZI - IPL Handset

User Guide

Universal Plug

90 Day Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It works similar to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safer to do at home.

KENZZI is a handheld device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin. It stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction.

How to Use Kenzzi?

At-home permanent hair removal may sound a bit intimidating, but don’t worry – using KENZZI is safe, pain-free, fast, and surprisingly simple.

There are 5 simple steps to doing IPL effectively.

1. Shave the area you are wanting to IPL.

2. Plug in and turn on your KENZZI.

3. Select the Intensity Level on your KENZZI.

4. Use your KENZZI on the shaved area by clicking the large button on the front and holding it flush against the skin.

5. After your done moisturize the area you used your KENZZI.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

KENZZI is certified to deliver long-term hair removal after 12 uses, but chances are you’ll start to see a serious reduction in hair growth after just 3 or 4 weeks.

Some people experience complete and total baby-soft hairlessness after around 12 uses and throw away their razors for good. Others sometimes require touch-ups beyond that, and that’s fine too!

As long as you use KENZZI as directed, you’ll enjoy a permanent reduction of hair growth!

Will the KENZZI work on my skin type?

IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Please refer to the skin tone chart below to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you. The Kenzzi is suitable for skin tones fair to warm tan. If you have a skin tone of warm tan, we do advise to only use on Intensity level 1 and start by patch testing the Kenzzi on Intensity level 1. Kenzzi advises for everyone to start on Intensity level 1 and to always patch test before starting your treatments and when changing intensity level. 

As Seen In

Painless & Effective

We’ve developed the highest intensity handset that can effectively target the melanin in your hair follicle without irritating sensitive skin.

9 Minute Treatments*

The Kenzzi FDA Approved IPL Handset has a large light window which means faster treatments with fewer flashes on everything from your upper lip and below.

*Average treatment time for legs, underarm, and face.


Get permanent hair reduction in as little as 3-4 weeks with the KENZZI IPL Handset!

Results in as little as 3 weeks

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Rukia K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

So far so good!

My experience with the device has been good! I have to give the device a lil time to cool down sometimes when doing my legs, but it’s been working well over the past few weeks and I’ve seen a major decrease in hair growth particularly on my face and Hollywood area!

Saliha G.
Australia Australia

It really works!

My family has a history of PCOS, all the women in my life have struggled with body hair and finding a solution. Given I have medium fair skin and very dark body hair, Kenzii worked really well for me. Started noticing reduction only after 3 uses especially in my arms and legs. Definitely worth every $$.

Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset | KENZZI Review
Pashmina B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Grear product, really works!

I have pale skin and dark hair. I'm finding that kenzzi works brilliantly on fine hair, and takes more time with coarse hair. I saw results after 4/5 weeks and love it! Though warning, I burnt myself the first time and realised I had sensitive skin, so would advice starting on a lower setting x

Canada Canada

Impressed! Non sponsored, actual review!

Alright so first I'm going to say that this is not a fake review or sponsored review im just a girl from Canada who came across this product after seeing youtube reviews and decided to give it a go because I absolutely hate the hassle of shaving and then having to shave a day or two later because it grows back so fast! First off, I bought this to use it on my legs, armpits and full Brazilian. I'm pale skinned and get tanned during summer but my leg, armpit and Brazilian hairs are all dark. My arms and top half of my legs are blonde hairs so unfortunately this doesnt work on those areas but I didnt really mind because I shave those 3 areas the most! It did take about 3 weeks to recieve my kenzzi but understandable due to the delays from covid 19 but I was so stoked to recieve my laser machine! My first session was on June 4th and this Thursday July 2nd will be my 5th session. I know I havent completed the full 12 weeks but I am already seeing great results and a decrease in growth. From the 1st session I have always used level 5 on all areas and repeated 3 times over each part I'd laser. It's honestly very tolerable and not bad at all. The only place that pinches a bit more than others is on your lady bits but it's nothing us tough women cant handle! It's honestly not painful at all. I have noticed all my hairs in 3 areas are growing back slower.. (instead of shaving every day or 2 I can get away with 3 or 4 days) and in all areas the hair is thinner and finer and PATCHY! Which makes me so happy because it's working. The photo I posted along with this review is of my leg and you can 100% see the patchiness of where my hair isn't growing and where it still is and this goes for my armpits and full Brazilian as well! I'm very happy and impressed with this machine and what my results are after only 4 treatments and I cant wait to see my results after 12 weeks or more! I will say you HAVE to be consistent and take care of your skin. These are the things that I've been doing for best results.. - consistent with treatments once a week same day every week. - exfoliate and shave prior to treatment. - I dry brush 3-4 times weekly prior to showers. - moisturize after treatment - for best results use on level 5 and go over area 3 times. - they say not to tan but its mid summer and I love my summer tan so I'll do my treatment and wait 2 days to tan outdoors ( so my treatments are Thursday, so I'll allow myself to tan between saturday and tuesday and then let my skin rest before treatment on thursday again ) Also make sure not to sit out too long, do not burn! But if you dont like tanning then your good to go! Everyone's skin is different this is just my experience with loving to have a nice summer tan and still do my treatments during summer and I am still getting amazing results! I'd definitely recommend this product if you have fair to medium skin tones with darker hair! It does work and if you follow my steps for preparation you'll recieve great results! Happy lasering! Xo

Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset | KENZZI Review
Lisa R.
United States United States

Definitely doing something to the hair

Easy to use, no pain, definitely seeing reduction in hair - only shaving legs twice a week instead of daily after 10 weeks. Looking forward to seeing how things go with monthly maintenance.