Two steps to get the best at-home laser hair removal results possible

Two steps to get the best at-home laser hair removal results possible

So, you’ve got yourself a Kenzzi – congratulations! We’re so glad you could join us on this journey of long-term hair removal. Was it because you could relax and enjoy a glass of wine at the same time? We don’t blame you. 

Before you switch it on, we wanted to let you know our secrets for getting the absolute best out of your Kenzzi handset. You can forget about those prickly legs that appear after a week of shaving, we’re talking about those smooth, luscious legs that you won’t stop wanting to touch every few seconds (we all do it, don’t deny it). As with any hair removal method, it’s super important to take care of your skin before and after using the Kenzzi IPL treatment.


Exfoliating the desired area before using the Kenzzi treatment will help you get those results much quicker. By giving your skin a good scrub, you are removing the dead skin cells that may block the IPL from reaching your hair follicles. It also encourages cell-turn over, giving you that extra glow factor. If you needed a sign to run yourself a warm bath tonight, here it is!

Always wet the skin with warm water before going in with an exfoliator – you don’t want to aggravate it before you’ve even started the treatment! If you have a gentle scrub handy in your bathroom, you’re already one step ahead. We recommend rubbing the product in circular motions, it works the particles deeper into the skin. Rinse, pat dry and you’re ready to pour yourself that glass of wine for your Kenzzi treatment.  


It’s normal that your skin may feel sensitive after using an IPL treatment, so give it some well-deserved TLC. Remember to moisturize after using the Kenzzi to retain its healthy glow, and apply SPF if you are heading outside. If needed, you can cool the treated area with a cold, damp towel before applying a good quality moisturizer.

We know it will be hard, but it’s best to hide that bottle of fake tan during your Kenzzi treatments. Although you will need to wait 48 hours before heading out, it could be a good excuse for you to enjoy the sunshine that this summer has to offer. 


Adding these easy steps into your Kenzzi routine will take your results from 0 to 100. Believe us when we say your girlfriends will be jealous. You can thank us later.

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