IPL PRO Hair Removal Handset & Ultrasonic Wand Bundle

IPL PRO Hair Removal Handset & Ultrasonic Wand Bundle

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Save yourself a trip to the hair removal clinic and dermatologist’s office with our Kenzzi bundle which includes the IPL laser hair removal and Ultra Sonic Wand.

We have created this bundle to make a convenient, comfortable and affordable at home salon experience. Reduce hair growth in unwanted areas, then go straight onto using the ultrasonic wand which will softens tissue, aids in the clearing of blocked pores, assists to tighten and firm the skin, enhances elasticity and overall regenerates skin cells.

5 Energy Levels

The Kenzzi ICE At Home hair removal handset has 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin tones (if you are using the device for the first time, it is recommended to use level 1-2).

FDA Cleared Technology

The Kenzzi IPL Handset has obtained FDA clearance. Therefore, the Kenzzi Handset is safe for use in the USA and be safely used on all body parts.


26,000 Vibrations Per Second

The Kenzzi Ultrasonic wand rapidly vibrates at 26,00 times per second.

Which softens tissue, aids in the clearing of blocked pores, assists to tighten and firm the skin, enhances elasticity and overall regenerates skin cells.

Permanent, Gentle, Painless and Safe!

The KENZZI ICE IPL Handset adopts professional IPL technology to remove hair. IPL tech is the safest and most effective technology to remove hair, while permanently reducing hair growth.

The KENZZI Ultrasonic lifting and exfoliating wand is the latest technological innovation in skin care.

IPL Treatment Schedule

We recommend using hair removal device once a week until you have achieved smooth, hair-free skin. Most users will see visible results after 4-6 treatments (sometimes after just 2-3). However, the IPL handset only works on hair follicles that are actively growing, and not all of your hair follicles are growing at the same time. So multiple treatments are necessary to remove all of your hair. It can take 8-12 treatments in total (8-12 weeks) to achieve complete hair removal.

Once you have achieved full hair removal, you will need to occasionally do 'maintenance' treatments. This is because your hair follicles will eventually begin to reactivate.

Typically, you should do a maintenance treatment every 4-8 weeks (this can vary from person to person). If you notice hair regrowth starting, then it is time for a maintenance treatment.

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Kimmy W.
United States

A worthwhile investment!!!

If im being honest i was a bit worried when i purchased this, but now looking back im sooooo happy! Got good results and have saved heaps of money and only 5 weeks in!! YAY!!!

Jennifer M.
United States

Highly Recommend Kenzzi

I used my device as per instructions only once a week for 10 weeks and finished my last session late November. They say to use it once every 2 months to make the hair stay away but it’s already been over a month since I’ve used it last and I have no hair growing back.

Courtney F.
United States

Pain Free

Very happy with my purchase of seeing some good results after 6 weeks.

Kimmy W.
United States


Have used it 3 times and have noticed the hair is growing slower.

Dona M.
United States

Have used it 3 times

An definitely see a difference, I use it on my face and oh gosh! The difference is incredible ! Would def recommend this